A Statement of Conscience and Fundamental Values

In this time of such a resurgence of popularism and nationalism with so much polarization based in fear and self-interest, it is very challenging to know what or who to vote for. Generally, people are voting against whatever they perceive as a threat whether it be to their jobs, national identity, or change in general. They are voting against uncertainty and for self-protection. It is entirely natural to vote for ones own self-interest, but in the political world which inevitably plays on our fears this is all that seems to be offered.

I believe there is a more essential question: What do we really want to vote for? What can we vote for that creates a unifying ground for our human spirit? This is far more than a political statement or some form of outer advocacy, it is a statement of conscience and fundamental values upon which our political choices then can rest.

My team and I came up with an intriguing idea. We propose to invite you to answer a question from your soul’s wisdom, “What Do We Vote For?”. We invite you to submit your answers to this question to us as concisely as possible — what you can write in one sentence — and we propose to post your statements on my Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. We plan to boost some of these to see if we can start a group sourcing of conscience and wisdom, not just my voice, but OUR voices. Let’s start a ground swell around a new vision of voting, voting with our hearts, with our essential intelligence, for the priorities that all our political and policy decisions should be based upon.

I hope this intrigues you. I know that when I am invited to contribute a short essay for some event or program, or feel called to write a post, it gives me the opportunity to feel deeply into what really matters to me and write from my heart. It is restorative and a way of honoring truth as I understand it.

Please leave your heartfelt statements in the comments below and join us in this way of expressing enthusiasm for life.

In gratitude,



Images generated with the words you’ve used in your votes.