8-Day Retreat with Richard Moss and Katherine Fellows-Moss


NOVEMBER 4 – 11, 2023

There are two basic kinds of freedom: what is allowed to you from without, and what you dedicate yourself to within. The first is very important and a hard-won blessing if you live in societies that support a great deal of freedom. But essential freedom does not come from outside; it is a relationship with yourself first, and then with everything and everyone else, and it too is hard won.

Inner freedom comes into focus when you face the inevitability of death. Wisdom traditions invite “dying before you die”. Nirvana means extinguishing the light of the divided, separate self, like blowing out a candle, and all of us have moments of such blissful freedom. The affirmation, “I am already and always free” is a fundamental truth, but what is not free in you in also true. Creating an abiding, embodied inner freedom requires moving steadily deeper into the ground of yourself by choosing to turn, decisively but with gentleness, toward whatever patterns, beliefs, and imprints need to be seen, held with compassion, and then no longer energized so that they may die before you die. Inner freedom means taking your stand vulnerably in honest, unflinching, non-judgmental self-awareness. Most of all you take your stand with Love. Binding yourself to love Love becomes the path of unbinding your heart especially in your relational life.   

This retreat offers you a dedicated period for intelligent inwardness to restore your sense of inner freedom, path, and purpose. Richard and Katherine will assist you in listening to how your psyche is speaking to you in your dreams and in other ways. They will guide insightful meditation and offer skillful mirroring. They know how to invite and support this priceless adventure of yourself. And they know the adversaries.

There are two basic kinds of freedom: what is allowed to you from without, and what you dedicate yourself to within.

Consider this retreat a prayer for yourself.

Consider this retreat a prayer for yourself. There is no real way to prepare, except to know that you need this time and are ready. To support the living energy, we ask you to be willing to turn in your cell phone upon arrival or make a solemn vow not to use it under any circumstance. You will receive an emergency contact number to leave with family. There will be no internet access. Outside of our sessions, most of the time will be in consecrated silence. Join us; meet yourself. What you free yourself from, frees everyone.


MEALS are fresh prepared vegetarian/vegan. Two meals/day. Coffee, tea, snacks in the morning, and during breaks are provided.

HOUSING: We assign your bedroom options according to when you enrolled, the gender distribution of the participants, and number of couples attending. If you must have a single room, we will do our best.

COST:  $3,995 $3,495 all inclusive. Limited to 14 participants.

Deposit to hold place: $700.


Full refund of deposit minus $75 administration fee up to Sept 4, 2023. After that deposit or your full payment is non-refundable but can be used for the next retreat.


Pay in full to save $500.


We want to support your participation in any way we can therefore if you have any questions please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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