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Master Class in Awareness and the Path of Love

I have this image for these latter years of my life of being with thoughtful people and opening softly together into the living current of love, sharing the depth and breadth of what I have lived as a man and a spiritual teacher for nearly 50 years. The feeling of gathering in this way is all the sweeter as I visualize this unfolding with Katherine and myself together. 

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that refers to the practice of meeting in the company of good people for the purpose of spiritual development. For us, what might that encompass? Pretty much everything that considers the meaning we can learn to bring into our lives. But especially how we evolve our relational consciousness, how we integrate encounters with non-ordinary reality and our multidimensional natures, how we live each day with greater enlightenment in the face of life’s fearsome challenges.

Jesus asked: “On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you have become two, what will you do?” 

Logia 82:22-23 The Gospel According to Thomas

Spiritual teaching is a pathway to ourselves.


Spiritual teaching is a pathway to ourselves. And whatever we are; it is complex. Our satsang practice will honor that complexity by respecting the timeless wisdom of traditional teachings and paths, but as well embracing contemporary insights that are coming to us broadly through science, especially neuroscience, depth psychology, and many other fields of human enquiry. A teaching that tries to sidestep the ego as merely a state of ignorance and professes the “direct path” misses the point that living a human life is a moment-by-moment tension between the oneness of transcendent consciousness and the inescapable reality of our dualistic ego-consciousness. The bridge integrating these two is a process of steadily more refined self-awareness. The path is conscious attention, conscious self-surrender, conscious suffering, conscious loving, and conscious unknowing. 

And as Kathy likes to say, “There is no arrival”. Even if there is some state of ultimate illumination, we do not believe that there ever was, or ever will be, a state of ultimate embodiment. Only an ever-evolving incarnation of the Divine in mortal human beings. Illumination is grace, incarnation is humbling work, the great work, the privilege of our lives. The bottom line for Kathy and myself is living conscious, intelligent, loving relationships. Join us as we come home to our bodies, hearts, and the wonderment of our lives. Together, let us make our inner worlds, as well as our outer world, a kinder, saner, and more grateful place. And as Kathy also playfully reminds, “It’s the best game in town!”  

Each gathering will begin with an inductive meditation bringing us into a palpable field of stillness. Afterwards we will open to spontaneous discussion and sharing. Bring your deepest questionings that are grounded in your own life; leave behind heady mental speculations about enlightenment. How are you living life’s fierce challenges such as illness, and the agonies and blessings of your relationships? What is your consciousness path consecrated to? What is confusing you? What is awakening in you? Let us bathe together in the living presence of the shared heart that always joins us when we invite ourselves to truth in the spirit of love and wisdom. 

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June 13, 27
July 11, 25
August 8, 22
September 5, 19
October 3, 17 and 31
November 21
December 5, 19


January 2, 16
February 6, 20
March 5, 19
April 9, 30
May 7, 21

English only 10am-11:45am ET
French-English Translation 1:30pm -3:30pm ET

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