Brand New Webinars for 2023

Richard’s teaching is a comprehensive contemporary path of understanding your multidimensional nature and becoming a healing presence in the world.

In 2023 you can dive deeply into yourself and more completely actualize your true self with the inspiration he will be offering through his webinars.

richard moss

Webinars Commencing February 2023

Dreamwork and Symbolic Reality

Becoming a student of your Dream World is indispensable to the path of awakening. Richard is known for his giftedness with dreamwork. With him you will learn to engage the stories told by your dreams that show you yourself in a way your ego cannot see you. You will discover their symbolic reality and develop a refined intuition of patterns of consciousness that limit you so that you can free yourself from them. Most importantly, you will discover that within you there exists a wondrous dimension of intelligence that is forever seeking to enlighten you.

DATES: Commencing 16 February 2023

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The Mandala of Being

The Mandala of Being is Richard’s signature teaching of how you can create freedom and love in your life. From the foundational premise, There is only Now, the first level of the Mandala work entails understanding and freeing yourself from the stories you believe cause perpetual emotional suffering. The next level is learning to hold and heal childhood wounds or any other traumatic imprint through transformative attention to your deepest levels of feeling. As you do this work you will discover that you are gradually embodying ever-greater humility, compassion, forgiveness, and trust. Joy will become ever more present in your life. 

This Webinar is in 3 parts of 7 sessions each: 

  • First webinar: Introduction to the Mandala of Being – You will learn to effectively use the model practices. 
  • Second webinar: You will refine your skill with the practice so that it becomes deeply integrated in your self-awareness. 
  • Third webinar: You will learn the skills of teaching and guiding others with the Mandala of Being.



Essentials of Self-Realization and Spiritual Maturing

In this new 11-part Essentials Webinar you are diving into the transcendental foundations of your being. If you are a thoughtful person, you have certainly wondered at the great questions: Who am I? What is it all about? What is a life well-lived? In this webinar you are invited to join Richard in his life quest to live the answer to these questions. Joining him in this journey is a chance for profound inspiration. Even more, you will find that participating is actually an act of deep self-honoring and love.  


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