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Dear Friends,

There is little time left to register for the 10-day retreat this summer at Domain du Fan. I know it is a significant decision and one of the most important you may ever make in your life. And I want to tell you why.

As I observe the current trend in our world it is dangerously tipping into left-brain rationality, into the virtual reality of our conceptual minds and digitized media filled with distractions, judgments, and beliefs rather than the living reality that we can only know with our bodies and our hearts. The result is that we are drowning in information and a malignant sense of time pressure. We are becoming prisoners of our thinking without the capacity to trust our feelings and discern what is truthful and what to give real value to. We are poisoning our relationships while starving for love. So, it is scary to see how few of us seem willing or able to devote ourselves to that which will ultimately bring us joy and a sense of communion with each other.

There is no conventional education for the deepest intelligence which is of the heart. Life is the school, but without certain essential understandings and practices it is far more likely that we will be overrun by life’s challenges instead of learning to rest in love, gratitude, and joy. You may well ask why should you take 10 days and spend this money? One answer is: You do this so that when life pulls the carpet out from under you, you find you have a solid ground to stand on. It is a ground that will not only support you, but from which you can support and uplift others. We each owe this to ourselves and we owe it to each other. Our very survival may depend on it.

While there are many valuable paths, there are few that are grounded not only in the great wisdom traditions, but as well in a contemporary, creative and thoroughly experiential way of coming home to yourself and awakening to love. What you will experience in the 10-day retreat, because it is truly a new and original way to encounter yourself, is intrinsically beyond your ability to imagine or value beforehand. Therefore it isn’t a rational choice. It is a choice your heart makes. It is choice that I promise you will bring so much awakening and healing that you will wonder why you ever hesitated.

In our frenzied world I sense that people are no longer prepared to take time out, we want a quick fix, however we need to go further.
I am not sure how much longer I will be able to offer this Summer Retreat when attendance is low. I can feel sadness for what may be coming to an end. I will continue to work with people and this truly unique form of my teaching may have run its course. I am 71 now and far more than sadness I am profoundly grateful to have lived it and shared it.

This year we are enriched by the participation of my companion, Katherine, and the love that we have consecrated to each other. With the skilled and heartful support of our team, I believe the field of love that will unfold will be the deepest ever.

I invite you to think carefully and take the leap.

So I extend a loving invitation to give yourself this life-changing gift. I very much want to be with you.

In gratitude



How Time Causes Suffering

Being overly identified with the past or the future is the root of mental suffering. Choosing to be present in our bodies is a path that leads to easefulness and flow as everything in life is always in constant change.
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