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The work of Richard Moss and Kathy Fellows-Moss

Teaching from 3rd Consciousness

Richard speaks about the new direction of the work he and his wife, Kathy, are now doing as they live and teach from their relationship.

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To view more of Richard’s videos visit his Vimeo Channel or  Youtube Channel.

Richard and Kathy talk about relationship.

It’s all about relationship.

It starts with the relationship to ourselves, a relationship to our fears, our feelings, our emotions. And not just one relationship. What would it be like if you could have– each time fear came, a new relationship to fear? Each time loneliness came, a new relationship to loneliness?

To view more of Richard’s videos visit his Vimeo Channel or  Youtube Channel.

Imaginary Conversations

Richard describes one of the key ways in which we avoid being present to ourselves and others. With the essential insight shared in this short video, you can change how your relate to everyone in your life.

To view more of Richard’s videos visit his Vimeo Channel or  Youtube Channel.

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Richard and Kathy offer private sessions in person, online or by phone. Read more

Their rich life experiences allows them to mentor clients using many modalities including meditation and contemplation, depth psychology, subtle listening and communication skills, as well as success strategies for professionals.

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Richard & Kathy’s Blog

The Transformational Power of Meditation

This page is also available in: FrenchThe transition from meditation as a primarily mental exercise to meditation as a transformational life path requires a full body shift and a willingness to not only embrace everything in your life as an opportunity to learn and grow, but take full responsibility for your thoughts, actions, reactions, and …

Why Meditate

This page is also available in: French– There is a wealth of science-based research that proves the benefits of meditation. Greater mental and emotional health, decreased blood pressure, stress and anxiety reduction, and an overall increase in feelings of well being are just a few. I heard a story many years ago that struck me …

Weaving the Body of Gratitude

This page is also available in: French–   I wonder if many of you, like myself, occasionally allow yourself to revisit in deep feeling the web of seemingly forgotten relationships with those who at one time touched your life, even if ever so briefly? The brain naturally cleanses unused memories and there are many of …

Little Jeannie’s Wishes

This page is also available in: French–  Little Jeannie’s Wishes   Little Jeannie was in 3rd Grade when her teacher told the class the legend of the genie in the bottle and the 3 wishes. That night little Jeannie went home and wondered what would her 3 wishes be if she found the oil lamp …

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