“The greatest gift you offer yourself or another is the quality of your attention.”

Satsang Wisdom Teaching

Master Class in Awareness & The Path of Love


Each Satsang is a Master Class in Awareness and the Path of Love.
Each BI-MONTHLY class is a deep immersion
into Stillness and Presence. Beginning 13 June.

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Studying with Richard

Richard offers several opportunies to work with him at his home in North Carolina.


Richards teaching draws from a broad range of approaches to human understanding both Western and Eastern, and he has the special gift of being able to communicate the foundational insights of these diverse traditions in a contemporary and ever-fresh way.

No two talks or workshops or private sessions offered by Richard are ever the same even when they address similar themes. Each one is a kind of “warming up” into innocence that brings his teaching forward in an original and living way.

His words and presence will touch your heart because they emerge from a still and timeless place.


“Regardless of what you may think you are ready to explore with me, or what you think you want to explore with me, if something has called you to work with me you are probably responding to an inner call from your soul and this may be the beginning of a profound transformation of your life.”

For 40 years Richard has been mentoring individuals, generally within a group setting. Now he primarily works one-on-one via Zoom and also at his home in North Carolina. Each session is 90 minutes including discussion and guided experiential teaching. Initially you may begin weekly or bi-monthly depending on the issue that has motivated you to reach out to Richard. If our engagement becomes that of true mentoring, He finds the best rhythm is monthly.

Legacy Audio Teachings

Living and Mastering the Power of Presence

“Richard Moss is one of the most important teachers of transformational wisdom. Hands down. I read everything he writes.”

Marianne Williamson