• Have you wished that you could go somewhere to get away from the constant distractions, tensions, and burdens of the unremitting doing that can swallow almost every day?
  • Do you sometimes feel this need as a prayer in you, even a cry for help, to be able to step back, breathe and listen to what your soul is calling you towards?
  • Do you want to intensely deepen your consciousness practices?
  • Do you need a place to settle within yourself deeply enough to know how to address a major life-choice that is currently in front of you?

And you don’t want to do it alone, or at a silent, impersonal retreat. You want a retreat for time with yourself, with comfortable housing, good food and experienced teachers who can facilitate your issues and opportunities in ways that best serve you.

We offer you precisely this at our home at Moon Lake or in an available separate guest house. We welcome you for dinner with us upon your arrival and show you your accommodations. Our first vital opening session together begins after dinner.

Richard operates where psychological and spiritual work meets everyday life. He is neither a guru nor a therapist, yet working with him is both therapeutically and spiritually transforming.

With a rare intelligence and deep devotion to always work on deepening his work in his own life and through constant studies and inspirations from nature, poetry and other people, it never gets boring to listen to Richard, – not even after 20 years.

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Grethe Damon


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