“It should be challenging to be objective about oneself. In this website I am aware that I have made statements testifying to who I am and what I offer that can be perceived as merely dogmatic. Truth is, I was in the earlier days skeptical that people would find their way to me, which reflected my own self-doubt and, perhaps, distrust that all souls hunger for depth. That many people did and do is among my greatest experiences of grace. Some are still close friends. Whoever I am and whatever the impact of my life, it seems best here to let others speak of their perception and experience.”

Richard Moss                                                  

Richard Moss’ Mandala of BeingTM is a transformational model and a process that covers a fundamental and fertile area necessary for truly mastering one’s “inner game” that is not reached by other methods. It is perhaps the best and purest example of coaching at the level of beliefs and identity that I have experienced. The Mandala helps people to recognize and transcend “stories” and limiting beliefs and taps the transformational power of self-awareness for personal evolution. Richard is a masterful teacher, healer and developer. The Mandala of BeingTM is a tool that every coach and therapist should be using as a key part of their practice.

Robert Dilts

Co-Developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Author of From Coach to Awakener, Visionary Leadership Skills, Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being, Tools of the Spirit

I am standing at the edge, there is no longer any choice, very soon I am going to speak myself.  The way you speak and presence with me encourages me to believe in my ability to do it.


How do you select a life coach and possible mentor? For me, I asked that question over twenty years ago. I read the early books of Dr. Richard Moss and I listened to some of his talks. I did not understand everything I read or heard. That was a good thing. It really makes little sense to engage a person to teach you what you already know or believe.  Such a coach or teacher would simply solidify a personality you already know quite well.

I attended a long retreat with Dr. Moss in 1998 at the time I was leading my company in the acquisition of Saks Fifth Avenue. With that transaction, our business became a Fortune 200 Company with 55,000 employees. I came to realize in that seminar, however, that each person was inextricably connected to the whole enterprise. I left the gathering with a commitment to consider how each corporate decision would affect the well-being of my colleagues.

Since then, Richard has been my teacher through many life events. We talk, recall dreams, play, and generally share our beings. Perhaps I have come to understand what I read so many years ago.  But alas, Richard has not remained at the same place. I know that he is always exploring the edge of what is possible to understand of Consciousness – or shall we call it Soul, Presence, Love. If grace and faith lead to you to ask Richard Moss to guide you on your journey, I am confident that you will be blessed more than you might even imagine.

Brian Martin

Founder of the Moon Lake Group LLC, Former Executive Vice President of Saks Incorporated, Former Assistant Solicitor General of the United States

Quite simply, partnering with Richard has transformed my life.  I am going through several significant personal and professional transitions, including deciding whether to stay in a long term relationship and recently taking on the role of running a company. As part of this process I have been attempting to re-discover my “joie de vivre” and have more intent with key life decisions.

My conversations with Richard have touched on topics such as consciousness, presence, meditation, aliveness, my past/childhood, and deep discussions about what my subconscious is telling me in my dreams. Richard’s accumulated wisdom, through his life experiences and blend of Eastern and Western customs and religions, has given me the perspective, confidence, and equanimity to chart a course that is enabling me to understand and realize what will give me joy.

I am grateful that Richard is in my life as a guide, mentor, and now a friend. His insightful perspective and warm, loving, thoughtful, empathetic style, has changed the trajectory of my life.

Robert Klapper

I am an attorney who runs a medium-sized firm in San Francisco.  I have worked with Richard for the past 5 years through the creation of a new law firm, the decision to dissolve that firm, and the subsequent creation of a new and much stronger law firm. Throughout these very complex and trying undertakings, Richard has provided invaluable coaching and counsel.

 I have worked extensively with several business coaches. Without question, Richard is the most broadly intelligent and helpful coach with whom I have ever had the good fortune to have worked or observe. Specifically, he has helped me hone (and correct) my own perceptions of the myriad business problems I have faced related to business expansion as well as employee and customer relationships. Perhaps most important of all, he has helped me identify and remove inner obstacles not only in business but in my personal life.

Richard does not have an MBA and he is not a “system’s expert”.  He is that rare individual who is an expert in the human psyche and what expands or impedes the fullest expression of an individual’s talents. The scope and depth of his vision together with his extraordinary observational and listening skills enable him to recognize limiting patterns and relationships as well as problem solve in a way that is truly singular in my experience. He is more than a coach, he is a mentor championing our fullest human potential.
I would recommend Richard to anyone who seeks to be successful in living their highest values both in their business and in their personal lives.  I can tell you that Richard has played an utterly pivotal role in the great success of my businesses as well as my marriage and personal life.
If you are truly interested in success and willing to engage in the deep and unstinting self-examination that true success requires, then Richard Moss may be the right consultant for you.
Jeff Riebel, Esq.

Certified Family Law Specialist, DeLacey Riebel Family Law Group, LLP

It has been an empowering experience being coached by Richard Moss for the past two years. I consider him to be a “guru”(great spiritual teacher) in the best sense of that word. He has repeatedly focused my attention on staying present in the body, which is an important avenue to living in Now. I am intent on expanding my awareness and being unconditional love and I believe that Richard has created openings for me in that regard. I can say that I have no attachments to people, yet I am gaining a deep compassion for everyone. I am amazed that I was able to connect with him. A true miracle!

Ed was a seminar leader with EST and the Landmark Forum, one who writes poetry and is a peaceful 82 year old nobody.

Ed Kilbourn

Doctorate in Organic Chemistry

Working with Richard is akin to igniting a chemical reaction as opposed to simply discussing the observations made of the reaction. I feel like the same person in a new skin and its a much more comfortable fit. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to participate in such a luxurious exploration of emodiment, emotion, and consciousness. To have a safe environment to share with others the exploration of expanding boundaries like we did is a privilege and I think it is the sort of thing that can help save humanity. I don’t think that’s being grandiose either.
I have noticed since working with him that I am comfortable with a wider emotional expression zone. This realization came without conscious forethought – it was a wonderful, expansive feeling that I hope to build upon.
Thank you Richard. I love your combination of loving kindness and ferocity – it’s powerful and it inspires respect without fear. Only the best teachers combine these qualities.
Deborah Flak

Horse Ranch Owner and Horse Trainer