Here you will find Richard’s latest video as well as a selection of his most popular videos on his YouTube channel.


Richard recorded Imaginary Conversations in 2016 and since then, with more than 106,154 views, it has become his most viewed video. In this recording he describes one of the key ways in which we avoid being present to ourselves and others. With the essential insight shared in this short video, you can change how your relate to everyone in your life. 

Imaginary Conversations Revisited. In this essential teaching, Richard revisits the theme of his most watched video, Imaginary Conversations. Here he goes into deeper detail about how those conversations are often like stage plays or movies in which none of the characters, including yourself, are real people. He shows why this is dysfunctional and how to free yourself by a simple awareness decision.

Richard describes the overarching sense of what he has been and wants to continue offering in his ongoing video sharing. He discusses what it means to access your own muse, why argument is is important and not about division or conflict. And he describes that all of his sharing is a kind of prayer, and invites you to understand how your questioning and seeing of life can also a prayer.

Richard describes the insignificance of our ego-self compared with the underlying unconscious patterns that rule the ego’s expression. He describes the internal shift that allows you to step-back so that you can hear what your heart says.

Do you think you are evolving spiritually? That humanity is? Enjoy Richard’s discussion of what spiritual achievement might be and why it may be the deepest reason for your being alive.

In a sweeping and playful discussion, Richard speaks of the Fundamental Mistake: How at about the age of 8-9 years you begin to predicate your being as an object, a separate self, rather than the true subject, the Aware Self. ME becomes the center of your mandala of being. You fall into a dream, infinitely complex and convincing and very hard to awaken from because nearly everyone else is in their version of the same dream. He speaks of his 45 years of the work of cross translation through precise use of language, metaphors, and symbols and as well through dynamic activities in order to provoke you out of that dream. 

Richard speaks passionately about himself, his work, and about what all spiritual seeking and human questing has been and is about. He discusses how from our distant origins, homo sapiens have always known there was something More and have, in so many ways, tried to know that Mystery within the universe and beyond it. Then he switches the point of view and asks, What does God, by whatever name you prefer, seek? Enjoy his profound, yet simple answer.

We must live a conscious relationship to our thoughts and feelings in order to open the door to the divine within ourselves and know that magnificence that is ever-sustaining us.

What would it be like if science was practiced as a conscious relationship with Nature?

Richard discusses the two fundamental modes of consciousness: Thinking and Feeling. He clarifies how each operates differently, but that deep Feeling literacy must be the foundation upon which Thinking builds in order for there to be Wisdom.

Richard responds to the question: Related to the current situation, elections, covid19, conspiracy theories. People who are generally able to stay happy, optimistic, discerning are struggling now. Their tried and trusted strategies are not working and they are falling into depression and/or states of anxiety. What advice do you have?

Richard offers with clarity and brevity a teaching about human consciousness development that leads each of us to the wondrous self-system we know as Me or I. Using the framework of the Four Holding Environments (from his book the Mandala of Being) he describes this level of ego-self as a self-system that (unconsciously) is ever-resisting Reality. From street person to Supreme Court justice, from poverty and illiteracy to billionaires and scholars with multiple PhD’s, it is the same. The me ever resists until death or until you choose to begin to live a conscious dying process of awakening into Now. Join him in his obvious joy of sharing such direct, clear, and compassionate seeing.