As a mentor, I am offering a partnership with you for your soul’s work of healing, awakening, and transformation.

As a mentor, I am offering a partnership with you for your soul’s work of healing, awakening, and transformation.

Regardless of what you may think you are ready to explore with me, or what you think you want to explore with me, if something has called you to work with me you are probably responding to an inner calling from your soul and this may be the beginning of a profound transformation of your life. Time will tell. In any case, I am always willing to accept you as a client if you believe I can be of assistance to you at this time. From my side, however, what I have genuine passion for in the years I have remaining is to help you awaken to a life of gratitude and fulfilment. If you have the wisdom to know that profound work does take time, and my invitation falls close to soil you sense fertile in yourself, then please read on.

For 40 years I have been mentoring individuals, generally within a group setting. Now I primarily work one-on-one via Zoom or at my home in North Carolina. Each session is 90 minutes including discussion and guided experiential teaching. Initially we may begin weekly or bi-monthly depending on the issue that has motivated you to reach out to me. If our engagement becomes that of true mentoring, I find the best rhythm is monthly.

What gives me the greatest joy will be in helping you come home to the ground within yourself that is Love and Wisdom. This is mentoring that invites and challenges you to gradually move down through your layers and structures of self-identification that resist Love until you begin to touch that core of yourself that is inseparable from Love. What I rejoice the most in is feeling you gradually open the door to live life’s greatest fulfillment and success: loving Love with another. If our work together brings you to the point where that door starts to open, it is a miracle. I have been privileged to experience my students (by that time my friends) reach that miracle several times in my life. In the years I have left, I guess I am offering you a path to the miraculous.

I want to pass the baton of enlightened awareness and vision to you at whatever level you are ready to receive it.

“Quite simply, partnering with Richard has transformed my life. His insightful perspective and warm, loving,
thoughtful, empathetic style, has changed the trajectory of my life ” – Rob K


If you wish to begin, I ask you to write a maximum 3-page (12 font) autobiography of key elements of your psychological back story: About your mother, father, their relationship, other key relationships. Are there traumatic imprints you had that may remain? Include briefly your educational and professional path and what forms of self-development and any spiritual practice(s) you have explored. I suspect you may have had some kind of non-ordinary experience(s) as a child or later in life. If so, briefly tell me about that. As well, give me a brief map of your relational path – marriage(s), children if any. What is your current work situation and what do you see as your accomplishments? Finally, I want to know how you see yourself impacting the lives of others personally and professionally.

If any therapist has the opportunity to study and train with Richard Moss, they will get a lesson in being that will shift the way they think about themselves and their clients. He is truly a master of consciousness and spiritual wisdom, a deep thinker, a visionary, and a rare gem in the age of quick fixes and New Age mumbo-jumbo.  His body of work melds psychology, philosophy and spirituality, delivering lasting transformation for his clients.

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