NEW – The basic foundation of certainty is the mind’s constant assembling of an imagined future despite the deeper reality that whatever future you imagine can be gone in an instant. This is why most people are terrified of uncertainty. Richard broadly discusses how money allows us to buy time and offers a broad range of possible futures that poverty does not offer and how this impacts children, especially. But true freedom has nothing to do with time or the future. True freedom comes from a conscious relationship with the sensation of uncertainty until you realize that uncertainty is also just Love in disguise.

NEW – The greatest gift you give yourself or another is the purity of your attention. Attention is directed consciousness and when you work to make your attention more pure, which means less conditional, you comprehend and feel in a new living way that blesses you and brings that same gift to others.

A little sojourn with God – Richard speaks spontaneously of his morning contemplative practice and invites you to travel with him to the place where we are all one.

Join Richard in this essential reminder that the experience of who we are – our perceptions, feelings, memories, and all beliefs – momentarily stop being a source of identity when we return to our essential consciousness in the present moment. Again and again we are reborn afresh in the Now.

No-one realizes their deeper essence without simultaneously freeing themselves from their biographical past while also developing effective ego expression. It’s all spiritual work!

Richard discusses how the necessity to become conscious of our limitations needs to be accompanied by kindness to ourselves. The key discernment is the ability to reward awareness instead of judging ourselves for the shortcomings we inevitably observe.

Richard gives a short timely holiday reflection on meditative deepening drawing from a teaching of Jesus in the Gospel According to Thomas.

Understanding the relationship between our larger consciousness and the majority of mental constructs and cognitive activity that are actually obsessions which rule our lives.

Based on one of Ricahrd’s major life-dreams this short talk concerns how to navigate into the deep levels of consciousness and through the storms created by the mind. It is clear description of the importance of humility, a sense of service, and listening to the wisdom of the body.