Being in Love

Being in Love

—       For me, being in love is a state that touches every moment of life

and it is not directed to a specific person. Being in love often starts with a powerful sense of connection to a specific person, but that is only the way the ego is hijacked into the relationship. Eventually, mature love which is very different than being in love is a practice of making the other the object of loving attention. In this sense making love (not in the sexual sense specifically) is the act and art of becoming fully vulnerable and naked with another who also commits to do the same with you and in that process a Third consciousness develops that teaches the two of you how to love. Being in love is unconscious; the decision to love is conscious and it is perhaps the most important work and it is an ongoing work.

In Gratitude,


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3 Responses to Being in Love

  • Christiane

    Yes, and yes, and yes!
    And it is also a function of Grace. For how could I have know enough in my twenties to commit to this “work?
    And now that old age, sickness, and death are playing peek-a-boo with us, is it enough to re-commit again and again, telling each other, here I am, and no, I won’t be leaving, even if life sucks, as Jordan Peterson states with such clarity… and end with uproarious laughter in which we acknowledge that even if IT sucks, we will take it, all of it, and refuse to feel sorry for ourselves.

    But that is lame, practicing being brave when it doesn’t count yet. Because it doesn’t matter in the end. We will die, and if we don’t die we’ll, it won’t matter, if we lived well and loved well.

    But that too is just a thought, and why should that be true…

  • Darlene

    Richard…this is said so well…and simply…and it is true.  Thank you!

    • Richard

      Thank you!

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