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The greatest gift we can give another is the purity of our attention.

About Richard

The work of Dr Richard Moss is a contemporary philosophy of consciousness. His teaching guides us into a profound, embodied recognition of our essential nature that frees us from identification with the mind and awakens us to “heart” centered awareness. He teaches us to live with an exquisite presence and gives us the tools to meet whatever life brings with openness, courage, and grace. Read more

Richard is a rare teacher whose rich life experience allows him to mentor clients using many modalities including meditation and contemplation, depth psychology, subtle listening and communication skills, as well as success strategies for professionals. He offers private sessions in person, or via phone or Skype. Read more

Upcoming Events

Del Miedo a la Libertad - Bogota
Thursday 8 October
Bogota – Colombia

Saturday 10 October - Monday 12 October
Bogota – Colombia

Deep Work in Minnesota: Readying The Soul For Its Next Steps
Thursday 15 October - Sunday 18 October
St. Joseph – United States

Mandala of Being Training™ in Copenhagen - Part 2
Friday 6 November - Sunday 8 November
Copenhagen K – Denmark

Generative Leadership
Friday 13 November - Sunday 15 November
Grasse – France

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The Elixir of Awakening A short video about how to develop the witnessing capacity of the aware ego — observing and feeling what arises in our bodymind while remaining in non action.. To view more of Richard’s videos visit his Youtube Channel.


For more than thirty years Richard Moss has taught about conscious relationship. We all hunger for experiences of deep meaning and connection to our true self. Exploring with Richard offers the opportunity for such experiences. Read more

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