Mandala of Being


The Mandala of Being
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Discovering the Power of Presence

Many people obstruct their innate potential through repeated patterns of emotional struggle and suffering. This practical, hands-on guide explains why and how people habitually fall into this trap and provides a program, easily incorporated into everyday life, that frees them from this destructive behavior.  Richard Moss plays the role of wise shepherd, accompanying and encouraging the reader on a journey toward the genius within and away from fear and other limitations. Most importantly, he offers an always-available compass that directs readers back to the true self, and into the magic of the present moment.


Introduction to The Mandala of Being


Download the Mandala template


Richard ‘s interview on InnerZension Radio



MANDALA OF BEING WITH RICHARD MOSS In the discussion, Richard Moss and Chris McCleary explore various other topics related to conscious living and finding inner peace. Click here to listen to Richard’s interview on InnerZension Radio


A series of videos of Richard leading people through the Mandala of Being.


Attractions with Others

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Mother Moves In


Can’t Ask For a Raise


Daughter prevents pregnancy

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