Free Videos

Here you will find access to many hours of Richard’s teaching. We are constantly adding new material as it becomes available and of course you can always pop over to Richard’s blog to stay up to date with his latest contemplations.

Each YouTube video has English or French subtitles.
To switch language:
♥ Cell phone and tablet: Play the video>>Full screen>>Subtitle icon on the bottom right corner
♥ Computer: Play the video>>Settings>>Subtitles

To change font size:
♥ Computer: Play the video>>Settings>>Subtitles>>Options>>Font size

For more videos take a look a Richard’s YouTube channel.


A talk Richard gave at the Sivananda Ashram

How can we experience gratitude? How can gratitude heal us from anxiety, depression, and fear? How can we experience consciousness within the moment – even our moments of sorrow?


Interview with the Balancing Act


The Mandala of Being

Richard reveals how the Mandala of Being can lead us to our true selves.


Iain McNay from Conscious TV interviews Richard.

View the transcript of this interview from Conscious TV
At the end of the interview, Richard offers a meditation on difficult feelings (53mn into the interview)
View the transcript of the meditation at the end of interview from Conscious TV

An Interview for Wellness TV
Richard Moss discusses a vision for personal and global transformation and the necessity of the Dark Night of the Soul.


317. Richard Moss

Transcript of this interview.

Audio also available as a Podcast.