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Here you will find access to many hours of Richard’s teaching. We are constantly adding new material as it becomes available and of course you can always pop over to Richard’s blog to stay up to date with his latest contemplations.
Valeria interviews world-renowned consciousness teacher and healer Richard Moss.
In this episode, Richard talks about conscious relationships and the power of presence

Balancing the right brain and the left brain by using words, music and mouvement.
This song has been created after the 10 day seminar at Domaine du Fan retreat 2019
From an original song by John Denver “All This Joy”.


Transcript of this interview.

Audio also available as a Podcast.




Host: Jena Griffiths

1. Relationship – the soul’s mirror

More info about what we discussed

2. Dealing with the inner critic.


Richard Moss, MD shares a monumental method of seeing and listening to those we love



Live Interview: The Good Life Show with Jesse Dylan

from Friday, March 23, 2007
Part One (11:00)

Part Two (11:00)


Standing in Your Own Light

An excerpt from a CD on the process of self-knowledge, of becoming empowered to engage and meet our deepest feelings and fulfill our creative potential. In this authenticity we “stand in our own light.” We realize our oneness with existence, which is traditionally also called, self-realization.
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Excerpt from the book Words that Shine Both Ways

Richard reads and discusses an excerpt from his book Words that Shine Both Ways
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Introduction to the Radical Aliveness Retreat

Richard introduces and describes the evolution of his foundational work: The Radical Aliveness Retreat.


About Thoughts

Richard answers to someone who asked about thoughts about death. In English with french translation


Creating your life