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We believe people and our world need a spiritual teaching that is emerging from deep relational consciousness.

Private Mentoring with Richard

I offer 90-minute individual “mentoring” sessions via Zoom or over the phone. As a mentor I am a guide for the rich possibilities that are potential in your life and evolution. In each session I listen at many levels. There is discussion, but just as important is the actual experiential work to bring you to new insight and clarity. Often your dreams are crucial to engage. I offer spiritual friendship and a presence and wisdom that is a partnership with you for your soul’s work of healing and evolution. We face together the issues that are challenging you and the practical steps that you can (and often must) take at this time, as well as exploring a broader vision of what your spiritual opportunities can be. This is mentoring (not psychotherapy) at a deep, enlightening level depending on your stage of life and your readiness. It is an ever-building relationship. Some of my clients work with me weekly or bi-monthly when it is a crucial inflection point in their lives. Many people work with me monthly or dip in at longer intervals. You decide.

If you would like to schedule a free 20-minute Zoom so that we can together decide what is appropriate, contact…

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Private Mentoring with Kathy

Kathy offers coaching sessions over the phone or by  Zoom. She knows that our lives offer all we need to evolve and awaken, therefore she works directly with what is moving in your life. She guides people to go beyond meditation as a primarily mental exercise to meditation as a transformational life path that requires a deep connection with the body as well as the mind. She supports individuals in transforming deep psychological and emotional wounds by guiding them to bring awareness and compassion to all the places of holding, resistance, and pain, that is held in the body. She teaches that learning to engage deeply with our inner landscape becomes the gateway to our liberation.

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If you wish a much deeper and more intensive process, Richard and Kathy offer private retreats. The daily sessions are held at their home and you will be informed of local hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation. You can request from 1 to 3 days, always in mid-week.

The invitation for these private retreats is to offer the opportunity of doing a very deep piece of work together with the potential for a major consciousness shift so that whatever you are facing, or whatever you want to accomplish, has a new or enhanced sense of direction and aliveness.

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Richard and Kathy have dedicated themselves to a path of Relational or 3rd Consciousness. Beginning from their individual self-awareness they have come to understand that to deepen in Love or in their experience of God, the path is the shared heart. They strive to live every moment of their relationship in a growing awareness of the deeper intelligence which IS their relationship. They know that their path is to teach from this consciousness. Because this is a work about Relationship, it is a work for Everyone.

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Founder of the Moon Lake Group LLC
Former Executive Vice President of Saks Incorporated
Former Assistant Solicitor General of the United States

“How do you select a life coach and possible mentor? For me, I asked that question over twenty years ago. I read the early books of Dr. Richard Moss and I listened to some of his talks. I did not understand everything I read or heard. That was a good thing. It really makes little sense to engage a person to teach you what you already know or believe.  Such a coach or teacher would simply solidify a personality you already know quite well.

I attended a long retreat with Dr. Moss in 1998 at the time I was leading my company in the acquisition of Saks Fifth Avenue. With that transaction, our business became a Fortune 200 Company with 55,000 employees. I came to realize in that seminar, however, that each person was inextricably connected to the whole enterprise. I left the gathering with a commitment to consider how each corporate decision would affect the well-being of my colleagues.

Since then, Richard has been my teacher through many life events. We talk, recall dreams, play, and generally share our beings. Perhaps I have come to understand what I read so many years ago.  But alas, Richard has not remained at the same place. I know that he is always exploring the edge of what is possible to understand of Consciousness – or shall we call it Soul, Presence, Love. If grace and faith lead to you to ask Richard Moss to guide you on your journey, I am confident that you will be blessed more than you might even imagine.”


“Quite simply, partnering with Richard has transformed my life.  I am going through several significant personal and professional transitions, including deciding whether to stay in a long term relationship and recently taking on the role of running a company. As part of this process I have been attempting to re-discover my “joie de vivre” and have more intent with key life decisions.

My conversations with Richard have touched on topics such as consciousness, presence, meditation, aliveness, my past/childhood, and deep discussions about what my subconscious is telling me in my dreams. Richard’s accumulated wisdom, through his life experiences and blend of Eastern and Western customs and religions, has given me the perspective, confidence, and equanimity to chart a course that is enabling me to understand and realize what will give me joy.

I am grateful that Richarld is in my life as a guide, mentor, and now a friend. His insightful perspective and warm, loving, thoughtful, empathetic style, has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Kathy, if you had not been in my life I simply would not be as happy as I am today. As a guide and a teacher you have given me back parts of myself that had been given away. You restored my sense of love and appreciation, vitality and joy.
You helped me to find glimpses of the Absolute and the Eternal. My life is richer because you have helped me help myself.

Thank you. You are and will always be one of the most important people in my life.”

Alberta, Canada

“I am deeply grateful for Kathy’s presence as a guide, teacher, and mentor in my life. Kathy’s compassion, wisdom, and her gentle way of inviting a closer relationship to the body, to the ‘longing of the heart’, and to the ‘whispers of spirit’ has been rich nourishment for my own journey. What a sweet blessing and gift it has been to know Kathy and to feel her devotion to supporting the soul’s readiness.
In individual work, I appreciate Kathy’s invitation to journey closer to the magic held within the awareness of the body and to the reverent respect she offers to whatever arises in my own felt experience. I’ve been truly amazed at what has been revealed to me and to the ways in which my heart has opened and continues to open each time I connect with the space that Kathy co-creates.

In retreats and gatherings, Kathy draws from her own lived experience and with humility, humour, and openness gently brings attention to some of the essential ingredients within the journey of inner transformation: responsibility, willingness, relationship, and compassion. Since beginning work with Kathy three years ago, I have evolved and deepened in my capacity to listen to the wisdom of my body, to hold—with more gentle and tender attention—moments of challenge and despair, to feel joy, and to share love within my relationships.

ED KILBOURN: I have a doctorate in Organic Chemistry (Univ. of Michigan), was a seminar leader with EST and the Landmark Forum, one who writes poetry and is a peaceful 82 year old nobody.

“It has been an empowering experience being coached by Richard Moss for the past two years. I consider him to be a “guru”(great spiritual teacher) in the best sense of that word. He has repeatedly focused my attention on staying present in the body, which is an important avenue to living in Now. I am intent on expanding my awareness and being unconditional love and I believe that Richard has created openings for me in that regard. I can say that I have no attachments to people, yet I am gaining a deep compassion for everyone. I am amazed that I was able to connect with him. A true miracle!”