Radical Aliveness Retreat

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The 10 Day “Radical Aliveness Retreat”, held in  France, is the foundation of Richard’s work. During the retreat you experience a profound connection to yourself that initiates healing and a new creative direction for your life. You learn how to consistently return to the present moment free from thoughts that create emotional suffering so that you are able to face even the most difficult challenges in a healthy and productive way.

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Deep Work Retreats

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These 2-3 day “Deep Work” are intended to assist you in diving into the inner work that is most vital to your life at this time. These intensives are an opportunity to experience Richard as a guide and mentor. You will acquire new insights and gain powerful tools that will enable you to move forward and make whatever essential changes your life is calling you toward. Read More

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Mentoring Programs

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These programs allow you to deepen the work with Richard in a small group. Read more

Deepening Programs

These programs allow you to deepen the work with Richard. Read more

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