Mentoring Program USA

Richard Moss and Kathy Fellows Moss



6 one-week retreats in the USA over 3 years



The Mentoring Program has been the deepest expression of my life path as a teacher. This is a work that I began in 1990 and which keeps evolving as I age and relax ever deeper into a more complete and balanced understanding of spiritual life. What is spiritual life? It is your unique, yet at the same time universal journey, wherein you create the path through which you evolve your soul. It is simply the most creative, generative, and healing journey of a human life. This work is about you, but it is also about the dance with God (by whatever words you choose), Nature, mind, body, society, culture, daily living, and especially every relationship in your life. There is no place that is outside your spiritual life.

In this new program, the 14th, my wife, Kathy, and I will be facilitating together. We know the combination of our unique life experiences and very different paths, which we now walk together creates a balanced depth, more rounded, heartful, and wiser than ever before.

The program is grounded in 6 one-week retreats over 3 years at our home adjoining Moon Lake estate. It is a beautiful, tranquil location, steeped in the forested hills east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. You are eligible to apply, even if you have not worked with either of us before. If you are reading this, then something is calling to you. Perhaps, you are experienced with our work, or you are already deep in the transformational journey through other paths, or perhaps something that has been incubating below the surface of your outer life is now bursting forth and at last demanding you to see, feel and awaken, everyone needs excellent guides.

We are experienced spiritual teachers, which means we will forever be learning. Our language is the language of the awakening mind and body, of Nature, science, and above all the heart. It is not religious and draws on many paths. We are not seeking followers; you are joining only yourself in a shared environment with a small group of other seekers. Even if you have mentored with me before we invite you to this new evolution of the work.

Each gathering is highly experiential. Sometimes you will feel challenged. But always with love, compassion, and patience. There is no fixed curriculum because each of you will bring your level of readiness, your calling, and your issues in your stage of life. In such rich diversity we know all the essential aspects of the path will be touched upon. Transformation is not linear; if you have skipped an important step on the path, your life will reflect that to you, generally with suffering, and we will meet you there to help you complete that missed work. Then we will invite you to what lies beyond.

By attending the program, every six months for three years you will give yourself soul food as well as physical rejuvenation. Ultimately, the main criteria for our accepting you is that you are fundamentally a high functioning and balanced person, that doing this work with us is something you really want, and that you are capable of making and sticking to a commitment, even though you cannot really know ahead of time what that will entail. If this excites you, we look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested, please contact: and we will send you an application letter with more details.

In service to Life and Love,

Richard and Kathy




Moon Lake, Danbury, North Carolina, USA


To receive more information and the application letter please email: