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Name event
Men’s Transformational Group

Wednesday 9 October - Sunday 13 October
Starts at : 6:00 PM

Location Moonlake
Moon Lake
Danbury, NC
United States



Why a Men’s Group? Why Men as Lovers?

As an awakened and, therefore, an ever-awakening man, my deepest purpose is to help arouse the state of awakened consciousness in others. I, as others like me present and past, accomplish this by direct transmission of the state and by communicating the path and process as clearly as possible in a dynamic way that itself must be ever-evolving.

But an awakened state, or more truly awakening process, is not the apex of the journey for me. The apex is Relationship, what I and we can live with each other. It is a Third Consciousness that is always more than any of us can realize alone. I know through experience that this 3rd can actually evolve the very meaning and lived potential of the awakened/awakening state. Whatever way we define and point to Enlightenment, it is evolving through our relationships. And it is, first and foremost, a path of Love.

I have no preference to work with men over women, but I am in a male incarnation and men overall share a biological, neurological, hormonal, sociological condition and collective inheritance that is distinct from those parallel influences in women regardless of our sexual preference. Therefore, I am inviting men who already sense that they are on an awareness path and who also at some level recognize that it is a shared path. I am inviting men who want to deepen in their commitment and, indeed, passion for the understandings and practices essential to progress on this path and who want their legacy to be the depth of love they have learned to receive and share with another and others. This is why I have named this program: Men As Lovers.

In Service


PS. You do not have to be in an intimate relationship to participate in this work.


The group is limited to 14 men

Our residential work in the United States is focused at Moon Lake in North Carolina, a beautiful location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

  • First physical gathering at Moon Lake: Oct 9-13, 2019
  • Video Conference: 10 meetings in between (See PDF)
  • Second physical gathering at Moon Lake: Oct 7-11 2020

Tuition — $2,300 – for the 12 sessions (2 in Moon Lake and 10 Online)
Payment plan available
Room and Board for each Moon Lake gathering— $620

If you’re interested please send an email to

To Pay the remaining of $1.500,00 you have 4 payment options:

1- If you are not in the USA, and you are converting your local currency into US dollars, the best way is to use transferwise:
contact to receive the US bank details

2- If you are in the USA, the best way is to pay by wire transfer, contact to receive the wire details

3- Using a debit or credit card

4- Using PayPal as the payment process merchant


This event is fully booked.