Men as Lovers = Tranformational Group with Richard Moss

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Men’s Transformational Group

Wednesday 9 October - Sunday 13 October
Starts at : 12:00 AM

Location Moonlake
Moon Lake
Danbury, NC
United States



As our world becomes increasingly obsessed with everything virtual and dominated by left brain rationality many of us, especially men, are confused about how to understand and live from our feeling, associative, and poetic natures. This kind of intelligence is usually associated with the the right brain and the feminine, but it is actually the intelligence of the heart. What is it like to be genuinely masculine and to live and lead from our hearts? What does it take to be a Lover in its archetypal fullness?

As a conscious man my deepest passion has always been to become capable of profound love and intimacy with life and specifically with one other. On this path the work has been to uncover and release deeply ingrained patterns of gender conditioning as well as subtle patterns of individualistic thinking and self-involvement. What seemed correct and reasonable to my mind often subtly closed my heart and blocked my ability to love and be loved. I see these dynamics as prevalent in nearly everyone and at this time in our collective evolution it is especially crucial for men to go beyond separating states of self-involvement and learn to embody heart intelligence. The intelligence of the heart and the capacity to deepen and lead from this wisdom is a new frontier. I know that I have something very important to share with men. This is why I am inviting men to explore our fullest potential as men, leaders, and especially as lovers.

If this invitation speaks to something in your heart, something you already know and feel the urge to live, join me in me in this gathering with men.

In the spirit of love and wisdom,


PS. You do not have to be in an intimate relationship to participate in this work.



The group is limited to 14 men

Our beautiful retreat center at Moon Lake in North Carolina


  • First physical gathering at Moon Lake: Oct 9-13, 2019
  • Video Conference: 10 meetings in between (See PDF)
  • Second physical gathering at Moon Lake: Oct 7-11 2020

Tuition — $2,000 – for the 12 sessions (2 in Moon Lake and 10 Online)
Payment plan available
Room and Board for each Moon Lake gathering— $620

If you’re interested please send an email to

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