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Mandala of Being – Module 1

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Mandala of Being – Module 1

Friday 16 February - Sunday 18 February
Starts at : 12:00 AM

Location La Bergerie de Villarceaux
La bergerie
Chaussy, 95710


Training “The Mandala of Being”

Transformation tool and self-knowledge 

Open to all

Duration:  8 days (3 days + 2 days + 3 days) in the Bergerie de Villarceaux


  • From 16 to 18 February 2018 with Richard Moss translated by Déborah Bacon-Dilts
  • 02 and 03 June 2018 with Bernadette Blin-Léry and Martine Struzik
  • July 23 to 25, 2018 with Richard Moss translated by Lucie Nérot

Cost of the training:  1280 € + Plus Accommodation and meals Place: In residential:  la Bergerie de Villarceaux – 95710 Chaussy


Tel: +33 185 11 05 80


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The Mandala of Being is a powerful self-exploration tool developed by Richard Moss. As a teacher of the conscious relationship, Richard has been working for 40 years with individuals and groups in processes of individual and collective transformation. Through this tool, we learn to identify the root of our limiting and false identity patterns, to return to our essence that precedes all identity, and thus learn to live more and more from the fullness of being.

It shows us how we leave the eternal beginning of ourselves in the present, losing ourselves in the different identities that we create and that cut us from our True Self. By making us aware of how we move away from ourselves, it then gives us the means to return to it and to anchor ourselves again in the experience of ourselves in the present.

This training is open to all.
It is also intended for women and men who accompany others in search of self-knowledge. The therapist who uses the Mandala with his clients gives them a powerful and effective way to become aware of their mental, emotional and behavioral patterns and a concrete way to get rid of them. The work is deeply anchored in the body and the feeling, and allows to increase the link with that which in us is not of the order of the ego. It is a complete transpersonal tool, integrating the body, emotions, mind, spirit and relationship.

In this course, participants will learn the psychological and energetic theory that underlies the work with the Mandala of Being. They will learn how to use it for themselves so that they can subsequently integrate it into their therapeutic accompaniment, whatever their orientation or school of origin. It is not necessary to have worked with Richard Moss to enroll and take full advantage of this training.


Watch Richard Moss make a short introduction to the Mandala of Being

The Mandala of Being, the center of the mandala– and a mandala is a circle which is strongly oriented toward the center– four directions. The center of the mandala is the present moment– now. We’re always in the now. But frequently what happens is we are pulled into past stories– thoughts about the past, images from the past. And based on our past stories, we anticipate the future. And we tell ourselves stories about what might happen in the future. And of course, by the time we get past infancy, we start to develop a sense of ourselves as separate. And so we begin to have stories, thoughts, beliefs about ourselves that we are telling ourselves. And at the same time as we develop this sense of me, we simultaneously are developing the sense of other. And other is, whether it may be people or caregivers as life gets more complicated. Its everything that we can really thing about. And I call those the you stories.