European Summer Retreat

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European Summer Retreat

Friday 12 August - Saturday 20 August
Starts at : 5:00 PM

Location Domaine du Fan
Domaine du Fan
Verneuil Moustiers, 87360



The Wild Journey Of Love

Friday, August 12 – Saturday, August 20, 2022

Chateau Domaine du Fan, France

Deeping in the path of the Heart is never a straight line. It is a wild ride. A timeless path with many ups and downs, twists and turns. One that is experienced ever anew. Most of us live trapped in the body-mind, the endless mental-emotional looping that is what we confuse as our actual self. This is what we mean when we say, “me.” The good news is that there is a limitless Mind and Body of ever more refined sensibility. We speak of this as the Body of Love.

Coming to know the Body of Love is a practice of coming home in your body to the timeless presence that you immediately feel in every moment when you step back from the mental-emotional swirl that has most of us in a constant trance. Freeing yourself into Love is an endless process of embodiment. The practice is stopping the stories – the mental constructions and the emotions they engender — and learning to hold the full spectrum of feeling with gentleness and compassion. As you step back from the identities and defensive patterns of m-e this frees the light and love that is YOU.  

Join Richard, Kathy and Lucie for this dynamic experiential 8-day retreat where we will call forth the collective Body of Love. Offer yourself a new depth of cleansing awareness so the windows and doorways of intimacy and love are clearer and wider.


All accommodations are booked directly with the Chateau Domaine du Fan. They have a range of room options from which to select. You can use the following link: or call them directly: +33 5 55 68 25 30

Tuition and Registration:

Tuition:  1195 Euros

To register please use the following links. To secure your place the deposit is required, or you can pay in full:

Payment for the seminar