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Name event
Deep Work at Moonlake – Loving love

Thursday 3 October - Sunday 6 October
Starts at : 7:00 PM

Location Moonlake
Moon Lake
Danbury, NC
United States


Loving love, the path of the third consciousness

In too many relationships love is unconsciously conditional — “I will love you if you love me” — and then you feel deeply hurt when someone doesn’t reciprocate your love in the way you want or when you are unable to love them in the way they want. The transactional nature of this kind of loving subtly corrodes all our relationships because the value of the relationship is measured in the exchange and not in the consciousness with which we live the relationship.

There is another path. You can choose to love Love. It is not whether I can or will love you, but that I choose to love Love with you. Love becomes a Third consciousness that mediates between you and how you are present with another. You don’t have to know what Love is conceptually — none of us do — but when you are not in your head your heart awareness does know down to the very cells of your body.

To choose and learn to love Love with each other is the fundamental reason for our lives. It is a healing all of us need. This is the path that I have gradually awakened to and the joy and peace that has come with it is what I want to share with you. It can change your life forever.


Join Richard as he takes a deep experiential dive into choosing love as a path. You will leave the retreat with a priceless gift that will enlivened and enrich your life.

COST: All inclusive (tuition, food, and lodging): $895

DATE: Thursday October 3 to Sunday October 6, 2019

LOCATION: Moon Lake, Stokes County, NC. Visit the Moon Lake website.

INQUIRIES: email Brian Martin.

Before 3rd September: Full refund except admin fee of $40
On and after 3rd September: Refund if we can find a replacement (except admin fee of $40)


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Deposit $395.00
Remaining $500.00
Full Amount $895.00