Kathy Fellows-Moss

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Kathy Fellows-Moss

“My deepest passion is to support people to walk their path in life in their own light, knowing that their light is the light of Pure Awareness, God, Allah, Great Spirit, whatever name you choose, and it is in all of us.”

Kathy grew up in Ontario, Canada and graduated with a Master’s degree in English Literature. She has had a wealth of diverse experience; from assembly line worker rising to an executive position in manufacturing specializing in World Class Manufacturing at a major US automotive company, to Director of Human Resources in a large energy company with responsibility for Organizational Learning and Leadership and Management Development. “Initially, I was never a spiritual seeker. I was mostly trying to mind my own business, live in integrity, and provide for myself and my children. In retrospect, however, I realize that spirit was always seeking me.”

With a combined family of six children, Kathy left corporate business and began to study a variety of spiritual disciplines. She has studied in the US, Europe, and South America, including 18 years with the Diamond Logos teachings and 12 years of Buddhist teachings. She considers her most important role has been that of raising her children.“What became clear to me early on is that the more inner work I was able to do, the less baggage my children would have to carry. The love of my children inspired me in my journey so they would have greater freedom to actualize their life purpose.”

Kathy and Richard are married and currently live together in Boulder, Colorado. Their life together is about living relational consciousness in service to Love, what they refer to as their 3rd. It is the heart of their spiritual path and the foundation from which they teach.

About Her Work and Teaching Style

Kathy has been teaching meditation and body-centered journey skills for the past 15 years. As a certified shamanic practitioner, she teaches journey skills and various forms of body-centered meditation. The heart of her work is supporting individuals in their development of “inner muscles”, a greater capacity to witness, create space and bring love and compassion to whatever emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual healing is needed.

Kathy is gifted in journeying deeply with whatever is arising, to witness with compassion and stay present and spacious with difficult and challenging sensations, emotions and issues so that her embodied presence becomes a bridge for others. All her work is body-centered and she knows and trusts that in the physical body there is an innate intelligence and impetus toward health and healing, and that this is also true for the totality of our Being.

Ultimately her path and teaching rests in connecting and rooting consciousness in the Groundless Ground, the basic field, the source from which all life springs. Learning to embody this energy allows us to transform and heal. The gift of our own transformation becomes a gift to all of humanity.

Private Work With Individuals

Kathy offers coaching sessions in-person in Boulder, Colorado, or over the phone and Skype. She knows that our lives offer all we need to evolve and awaken, therefore she works directly with what is moving in your life. She guides people to go beyond meditation as a primarily mental exercise to meditation as a transformational life path that requires a deep connection with the body as well as the mind. She supports individuals in transforming deep psychological and emotional wounds by guiding them to bring awareness and compassion to all the places of holding, resistance, and pain, that is held in the body. She teaches that learning to engage deeply with our inner landscape becomes the gateway to our liberation.

Download a text from Kathy on The body wisdom: BODY-WISDOM-OTHER-PATHS-OF-INNER-GUIDANCE.pdf