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Bernadette Blin
44 rue de la chapelle 95310 Saint Ouen l’Aumône, France
Tel : +33 1 30 37 17 31
Email :
Website : and
Bernadette is psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor. She leads groups using Holotropic Breathwork and proposing a transpersonal path for consciousness evolution. She gives trainings in transpersonal psychotherapy for professionals in IRETT institute. She wrote several books on transpersonal and she is president of EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association). Her work integrates Richard Moss’ spiritual teaching (meditation, Mandala of Being and Relationship…).
Adelheid Oesh





Adelheid Oesch
L’Atelier du Dialogue Intérieur
Rue Cité-Derrière 8, CH-1005 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: +41 213 231 501
Adelheid is a ‘Voice Dialogue’ facilitator and trainer since 1994 and a ‘Certified Imago Relationship Therapist’ since 2003. Author of ‘L’Arche du Cœur.’ Souffle d’Or 1999. Vol.1 Initiatory journey. Vol.2 Related exercises. In English: ‘The Ark within’ coming 2015.
To know is to love and to love is to know. ‘Voice Dialogue’ (H. & S. Stone USA) is a key to relating deeply to oneself, to the other, to what is beyond us, by an intense welcome of what is.Focus: Re-parenting the Inner Child. Exploring the Gospels and other sacred texts by means of V.D.
Alexandra smith





Alexandra Smith
Buckinghamshire and London, UK
Alexandra offers Identity oriented therapy and also facilitates educational seminars and IoPT workshops in UK and other locations by arrangement. She integrates the teachings from Richard’s Mandala of Being into her work to deepen understanding about true Identity.



Viviane Gutlerner





Viviane Gutlerner
87 rue du Trone
1050 Brussels, Belgium
Viviane has been teaching yoga in a spirit of seeking, acceptance, consciousness and unity since 1988 and is currently running an exciting programme of yoga and other workshops in Europe and India. She has also developed and teaches a practical stress management workshop for companies.
Alain Lemaire

Alain Lemaire
Tel: +44 1273 90 61 09
Alain is a counsellor therapist with a deep interest in Ayurveda. He also runs training in Amnanda
lucy nerot




Lucie Nérot

Web: Dancing Across Borders

For 15 years Lucy has been journeying with the 5 Rhythms wave, and teaching this practice since 2004 (to adults, teenagers, “abled” and “disabled” people) in Europe, Asia and the United States. She has been deepening her teaching through her own journey into consciousness, ongoing training with other teachers