Richard discusses the newest stage of (his) conscious dying process. In particular, he describes the ever-present tension between what awakened in him 45 years ago and the separate, egoic self. It has been as if two beings live side by side, one Timeless and informed by Ineffable Consciousness and the other, his time-bound, egoic self that has been the instrument for the format and formulation of his teaching (and so much more). Now he is at a new stage of surrender into the Timeless and doing so means that he is releasing pursuing the overseas retreats because they require more energy for their manifestation than he can flow with easefully. In keeping with that understanding, he announces that all future overseas retreats beyond the scheduled programs in July and August, 2022 are being laid to rest. If you have wanted to do a retreat in Europe with him (and Kathy) now is the last opportunity.