Domaine du Fan

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“There is no substitute for whole body learning. When we know the truth of something in our bodies,

it is truly transformative.” – Richard

NEXT RETREAT: 23 to 30 August 2021
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LOCATION: Domaine du Fan, 87360 Verneuil Moustiers

“I’m very happy that Kathy, my wife, is co-facilitating with me at this Summer’s Retreat.  From the moment we committed to share the rest of our lives together we knew that we would be teaching together. That our relationship itself — our third — would become our spiritual guide that continues to steadily transform and heal each of us, deepen our love, and enrich the work we had come into this life to share.

It is such a gift for me to offer this seminar with Kathy and with Lucie, who, along the years as an interpreter , also translated the teaching into movement.  Using the skills she developed as a conscious dance teacher, she offers an exploration through movement that was co-created with me and then with me and Kathy.”

Love, Richard

The Summer Retreat in Europe is a profound opportunity to open your heart to yourself and to life. You will, literally, fall in love with yourself and feel a renewed sense of meaning and wholeness. Like many others a fundamental healing of your soul will begin and you will receive a teaching valuable for the rest of your life. This innovative and experiential work uses a multifaceted approach centered around awareness practices and self-inquiry, but always coming back to the inherent intelligence of the body through exercises that employ movement, breath and voice.

You will explore meditation, dreamwork, movement, self-inquiry practices, energy work and more. Richard, Kathy and Lucie offer practical, effective tools for growth that liberate your ego and will continue to deepen your awareness for the rest of your life.

During the retreat you will explore the principles of the Mandala of Being. It is in the present moment that you awaken to your fullest Self – energetic, authentic, clear, spontaneous, and loving. You will discover the four places your mind goes when you leave the Now and you will learn how to return to the fullness of the present moment.

Richard and Kathy speak English and all their words are translated into French by Lucie Nérot, their interpreter and co-facilitator for many years. Lucie also translates into English the words of the French-speaking participants. The collaboration between Richard, Kathy and Lucie produces a beautiful harmony.

Introduction to the Radical Aliveness Retreat

Richard introduces and describes the evolution of his foundational work:
The Radical Aliveness Retreat.  PLEASE NOTE: This video is from 2018 and the August dates are different.

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Domaine du Fan
The Domaine du Fan has 168 acres of woods and fields crossed by a small river. The beauty of the estate, its peace and silence, provides an ideal setting for the retreat. Read more

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