Domaine du Fan

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Next retreat: 12 to 22 August, 2018

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Location: Domaine du Fan, 87360 Verneuil Moustiers

What the 10-day retreat offers

I believe people are starving for spiritual nourishment and for a deep sense of soul purpose and soul direction. I actually do not know of any work that has equivalent transformational power which touches on as many dimensions of our being in such a creative and generative way.
I believe transformational work such as this is rare.  A work that has the power to initiate people to new levels of self-knowledge and multi-dimensional experience, a work that consistently brings about deep healing for many, and which also gives powerful tools for living a conscious path going forward.

The Radical Aliveness Seminar is a profound opportunity to open your heart to yourself and to life.

My passion to urge you forward on the transformative path is stronger than ever because the collective need of this work is urgent considering the increasingly unconscious, violent forces threatening the fabric of our civilization. This work is unique, powerful, healing, and life-changing. It is a transformation of body, soul, and mind. It is an adventure into the depths of self, life, and relationship. In deciding whether to attend, listen to your heart. It knows. Your head can rationalize anything and sadly, if left to the unconscious, it generally will choose safety over challenge in a misguided effort to defend you from what you really need most for yourself. So listen deeply and I hope to celebrate with you who we each really are and can be this summer at Domain Du Fan.
From My Heart.

The path ahead depends on the depth of consciousness each of us anchors in ourselves. Every one of us plays a crucial role.


Introduction to the Radical Aliveness Retreat

Richard introduces and describes the evolution of his foundational work: The Radical Aliveness Retreat.

The Radical Aliveness Seminar is a profound opportunity to open your heart to yourself and to life.
You will, literally, fall in love with yourself and feel a renewed sense of meaning and wholeness. Like many others a fundamental healing of your soul will begin and you will receive a teaching valuable for the rest of your life. Richard uses a multidimensional approach centered around awareness practices and self-inquiry, but always coming back to the inherent intelligence of the body through exercises that employ movement, breath and voice.
You will explore meditation, dreamwork, movement, self-inquiry practices, energy work and more. Richard offers practical, effective tools for growth that liberate your ego and will continue to deepen your awareness for the rest of your life.

You will gain life-long tools that:
Teach you to truly live in the present moment.
Revitalize your relationships, both with yourself and others.
Liberate your mind from suffering.
Free your innate creativity.
Show you how to live more fully in joy and gratitude.

You will learn to de-construct self-limiting patterns that lead to fear, conflict and suffering. You will recognize the four places your mind goes when you leave the Now and you will know how to consistently return to the fullness of the present moment. It is in the Now that you awaken to your fullest Self – energetic, authentic, clear, spontaneous, and loving.

“There is no substitute for whole body learning when we know the truth of something in our bodies, it is truly transformative.” – Richard


Location: Domaine du Fan

The Domaine du Fan has 168 acres of woods and fields crossed by a small river. The beauty of the estate, its peace and silence, provides an ideal setting to attend a seminar, to relax and rest in communion with nature…Read more



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