Mentoring Program USA

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6 one-week retreats in the USA over 3 years


The Mentoring Program is the deepest expression of my teaching and life path. In this new program, the 14th, I will be joined in co-facilitation by my wife, Kathy. We know that the combination of our life experience and the unique paths that we have both walked and now share together will add a new richness and refinement to this profound work. We invite those of you who feel truly called to awaken and deepen into a path of limitless growth and self-transformation to join us.  

The program involves 6 one-week retreats over 3 years. Our residential work in the United States is focused at Moon Lake, North Carolina, a beautiful location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We will accept you on the basis of your determination that this is the right step for you at this time in your lives and upon our sense of your readiness.

This is a work that I have had the privilege and honor to share with people seeking to mature in their spiritual development since 1990. I am very pleased to invite you to join me in what I know will be a profound life-changing and life-enriching experience.

The program is for you if you want to profoundly deepen the work with me that you have had a taste of and because you are ready to make a serious commitment to expand your consciousness for yourself, your community, and the world. This work is about the art of living. It is a path of self-knowledge as a way of life. It is a journey of harmonizing your consciousness with the genius of life. From this integration you will be able to more fully birth your unique gifts into life, enrich your relationships, and be more effective in your form(s) of career, creativity, and service.

The work has elements of personal development and therapeutic integration of shadow material. Where there is early childhood trauma or where you may be carrying elements of collective wounding, we will explore those vulnerable places, not so much to fix or repair you, but as a means to continuously re-invent yourself in relationship to these difficult spaces. And, of course, this is essential consciousness work that allows you to to stabilize your attention and experience meditative deepening so that you realize more of your essential mind and become empowered to engage the world from a place of clarity, power, and humility. Over these 3 years you will literally be rewiring your brain and nervous system so that you radiate equanimity, joy, and caring.

By attending the program, every six months for three years you will give yourself a time to deepen and stabilize your spiritual practice as well as a time for physical rejuvenation. If this excites you, I look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested please contact me:

For the Mentoring Program the first meeting is for 8 days and largely recapitulates the Radical Aliveness Retreat experience. For those who have attended a Radical Aliveness Retreat, it is a very useful re-immersion. For those whose previous exposure to the work has been briefer, it is an opportunity to experience a genuine shift to a new level of consciousness. The following five gatherings — each of 7 days — will teach you how to integrate and embody that more expansive state as the heart of your life path.

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Moon Lake, Danbury, North Carolina, USA


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