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Richard Moss - Private CoachingRichard offre des sessions de coaching/mentoring par téléphone ou par Skype. Uniquement en Anglais. Il y a aussi une possibilité de faire une mini retraite chez lui aux Etats-Unis. Pour plus d’information envoyez un email à


Richard offers individual coaching over the phone or Skype. Sessions are 80 minutes, but can be longer. The intent is to help you to insightfully and creatively engage whatever is happening in your life that you are concerned about. Usually, what Richard offers is a broader framework for looking at your personal issue so that you can see what is happening in terms of your soul’s evolution and how you may be responding to deeper forces that are moving in the collective consciousness. Before the consultation, Richard will ask you to send him a short description, up to two pages, of what is going on in your life and why you have requested the consultation. Please also include any recent dreams that you feel are relevant.

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If you wish a much deeper and more intensive process with him personally, Richard offers private retreats. The daily sessions are held at his home and you will be informed of local hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation. You can request from 1 to 3 days, always in mid-week.

The invitation for these private retreats is to offer the opportunity of doing a very deep piece of work together with the potential for a major consciousness shift so that whatever you are facing, or whatever you want to accomplish, has a new or enhanced sense of direction and aliveness.

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Founder of the Moon Lake Group LLC
Former Executive Vice President of Saks Incorporated
Former Assistant Solicitor General of the United States

« How do you select a life coach and possible mentor? For me, I asked that question over twenty years ago. I read the early books of Dr. Richard Moss and I listened to some of his talks recorded on cassette tapes (the technology of the day). I did not understand everything I read or heard. That was a good thing. It really makes little sense to engage a person to teach you what you already know or believe.  Such a coach or teacher would simply solidify a personality you already know quite well. I suggest that you may want to find out about the larger part of your self that you have not engaged and brought forth into the World. I sensed from the quality of Richard Moss’s voice and the inductive nature of his writings that he was aware of a larger Truth, and that he was on a never-ending path to manifest that Truth in his relationships. It’s hard work that requires practice, but what could be more important.

I attended a long retreat with Dr. Moss in 1998 at the time I was leading my company in the acquisition of Saks Fifth Avenue. With that transaction, our business became a Fortune 200 Company with 55,000 employees. I came to realize in that seminar, however, that each person was inextricably connected to the whole enterprise. I left the gathering with a commitment to consider how each corporate decision would affect the well-being of my colleagues.

Since then, Richard has been my teacher through many life events (his and mine). We talk, recall dreams, play, and generally share our beings. Perhaps I have come to understand what I read so many years ago.  But alas, Richard has not remained at the same place. I know that he is always exploring the edge of what is possible to understand of Consciousness – or shall we call it Soul, Presence, Love. If grace and faith lead to you to ask Richard Moss to guide you on your journey, I am confident that you will be blessed more than you might even imagine. »

DeLacey Riebel Family Law Group, LLP
San Fransico, CA

« I am the managing partner of a successful, fast paced, domestic relations law firm in San Francisco. I have worked with Richard for the past 5 years through the dissolution of my prior law firm, the start of a solo law practice and then creation of a new, stronger, and more complex law firm.

Richard has provided invaluable coaching and counsel throughout the evolution of my businesses and my own personal growth. I would recommend Richard to anyone who seeks to be successful both in their business and in the integration of one’s business with one’s highest values and personal life. Richard has played an utterly pivotal role in the great success of my businesses as well as my marriage and personal life.

I have worked extensively with several talented personal/business coaches. Richard is the most intelligent, talented and helpful coach with whom I have ever had the good fortune to have worked or observe. The scope and depth of his vision together with his extraordinary observational and listening skills enable him to see patterns, relationships and problem solve in a way that is almost singular.

Specifically, Richard has helped me hone (and correct) my own perceptions of the myriad business problems I have faced including but not limited to issues related to business expansion and employee and customer relationships.  Richard does not have an MBA and he is not a “system’s expert”. He is an expert on the human psyche and what amplifies or impedes the maximization of an individual’s talents. Richard has helped me with the deepest work possible: the identification and removal of inner obstacles that have allowed me to flourish in business and in my life. If you are truly interested in success and willing to engage in the deep and at times very personally challenging work that true success requires, then Richard Moss may be the right consultant for you. »