Post-Traumatic Growth Symposium, Redefining How We Heal

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Post-Traumatic Growth Symposium, Redefining How We Heal

lundi 24 avril - jeudi 27 avril
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Lieu Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat
Paradise Island, nassau


April 24 — 27, 2017


Post-Traumatic Growth Symposium

Redefining How We Heal

Richard Moss, Josh Goldberg, Richard Tedeschi, and Molly Birkholm (Madhavi)
Post-Traumatic Growth is an emerging concept that focuses on the opportunities that can result from the engagement in a transformational journey after trauma.

Learn from experts in the field, thought-leaders and cutting-edge researchers who are pioneering an understanding of how the struggle to heal becomes strength. You will learn how they are bringing innovative tools to communities with trauma, including the military, human trafficking survivors, and prisons. This symposium considers scientific, spiritual, and practical perspectives on trauma, with the presenters coming together on one stage to share their personal insights, interact with each other, and inspire each of us towards finding—and creating—Post Traumatic Growth in our own lives and communities.

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