Movement in Stillness, Stillness in Movement

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Movement in Stillness, Stillness in Movement

lundi 18 juillet - samedi 23 juillet
Commence à : 00:00

Lieu Mellem-Rummet
Holmslund Holmevej 3, Tanderup
Samsø, 8305


Richard Moss and Nina Ejlskov

Deepening into our bodies through movement is an art, a practice, and a joy.

It is also inseparable from deepening into our essential mind and learning how to set aside the kind of disembodied thinking that brings us so much struggle and unhappiness.
Are you wanting renewal for your body and spirit? Isn’t it essential — after a long winter — to touch your deep source of inspiration and creativity? If this is important to you, join internationally respected spiritual teacher, Richard Moss, at the gorgeous, restful venue Mellem-Rummet for the 5-day retreat: “Movement in stilness, stilness in movement.“  
This retreat is a unique opportunity to learn from and have personal time with Richard Moss. It is a profound and safe opportunity for healing and growth. As you are invited to rest deep into your body, your feelings will become spacious and positive and your mind will become calm. Then you will be capable of engaging the world with skill and resilience rather than to be driven into stress by agitated thoughts

This retreat is an opportunity to work with Richard Moss, an internationally respected consciousness teacher, and with Nina Ejlskov, a movement teacher who has found the deep stillness of her own core self. It will combine meditation, different forms of movement, centering practices, questions and discussion, and silence.

While many women will intuitively resonate to the importance of this work, we wish to extend a special invitation to men: This is the kind of work all men can benefit from if they want to be lovers in the deepest sense at home and invite a new quality of success in their work.

Retreat dates:
18-23 July
Start: Tuesday at 18:00
End: Sunday at 16:00

Holmevej 3, Tanderup
8305 Samsø
Participants: min 18 – max 32

Retreat tuition Fee:
USD 800


Lodging: only on venue site
Food: with the option of ordinary (meat), semi-vegetarian (fish),
vegetarian (no meat) or vegan (no animal)

Accommodation price/person
(incl full meal from Tuesday evening dinner until Sunday lunch)
  1. Single room: DKK 4.950 ( max 3)
  2. Double room: DKK 4.450 (max 4)
  3. Shared room (3 beds): DKK 3.950 (max 12)
  4. Dormitory or own tent: DKK 2.950 (max 13)

Accommodation Mellem-RummetOne extra night incl. breakfast either before or after: Option 1 +DKK 750, Option 2 +DKK 650, Option 3 +DKK 550, Option 4 +DKK 350

Venue holder: Peder Villadsen
Phone: +45 53627752


1) Retreat registration and tuition payment:

Organizer: Nina Ejlskov
Phone: +45 41412882

2) Venue/Accommodation:

When a participant has completed registration and tuition payment, Nina Ejlskov will send the name and email of the approved participant to the venue holder, Peder Villadsen and he will send the participant an email with accommodation options and payment link/bank account.

Payment policy and cancelation:
Registration is complete after full payment of both retreat and accommodation. No refund after registration/payment.