2 Day Workshop in Copenhagen

2 Day Workshop in Copenhagen

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2 Day Workshop in Copenhagen

samedi 27 août - dimanche 28 août
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Lieu Phendeling Center for Tibetan Buddhism
Nørregade 7B, 2.th
Copenhagen K, 1165


Discovering the Mystical Christ ~ 2 Day Workshop

Shortly after an experience of mystical awakening in 1977, I discovered the book, The Gospel According To Thomas, the first publication of fragments of a Coptic Text lost for 16 centuries and unearthed in 1945 in Nag Hamadi, Egypt. I immediately understood that the experience I had lived was being described in rich metaphor by the Christ of the text.

Since then I have reflected with that book nearly continuously. Much of it is now committed to memory. More than any other historical mystical text it has spoken to me and informed the imagery, metaphors, and meditative deepening practices I have used for myself and in my own teaching.

For decades I have been tempted to offer an experiential workshop of silent contemplation and discussion built around the radical understanding of consciousness and personal responsibility presented in this book. Finally, I am doing so.

Please join me in a profound, powerful, and life-transforming adventure of meaning that will help you understand and live the mystical core at the heart of the Christ tradition. It will inevitably challenge traditional dogma about Jesus’ life, but that is not the purpose of emphasis of this retreat. My intention is to empower your own embodiment of Christ-based presence, love, and service.


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