Zinal 2019

Zinal 2019

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Name event
Zinal 2019

Sunday 25 August - Friday 30 August
Starts at : 12:00 AM

Website Organizer https://www.europeanyoga.org/congress/all/accueil/

Location Zinal
La barmette
zinal, 3961


We are jubilant to announce the 46th Anniversary EUY Congress in Zinal

Every year in August the European Union of Yoga EUY organizes the International Yoga Congress in Zinal (Valais) in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The Congress has been held annually for the last four and a half  decades and has always strived to preserve the authenticity of yoga traditions in Europe.

The EUY is represented by 24 national yoga associations in 15 european countries. Each year, the Zinal Convention brings together between 300 and 500 participants, mostly yoga and meditation teachers, but also yoga practitioners of all ages and from around the globe. Many prominent teachers are among the guests of honour invited each year since 1973, including Swami Satchidananda, Swami Satyananda, Andre Van Lysebeth, Indra Devi, T.K.V. Desikachar, A.G. Mohan, T.K. Sribhashyam, Willigis Jäger, Père Lassalle, Sogyal Rinpoche, and many others. This year, Richard Moss and Anna Gamma are the guests of honor at the prestigious Zinal Congress.

Captions in English and French

Spirituality in the 21stCentury

We are for 2 decades in the 21st century but, in many aspects, the world situation seems to be closer to “the dark age!”

What does it mean to be spiritual in this 21stCentury?

Fear, competitive spirit, aggression, struggle for material possessions, ambition, lack of cooperation, solidarity, care, love, inability to know oneself or to know the world are the predominant attitudes of human beings.

How can we, as students of yoga, contribute to bring urgently a change in us and therefore in society? Shall we depend on « Masters » or « guru-s »?

Could we find the answer and the motivations in holy texts, however ancient or sacred? 

Or do we have to dig deeper in ourselves through an authentic meditative state, leaving behind fear and egotism?

Could Yoga be a path toward a collective spirituality?