Deep Work: The Infinite Play of the Soul

Deep Work: The Infinite Play of the Soul
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Deep Work: The Infinite Play of the Soul

Tuesday 18 June - Friday 21 June
Starts at : 6:00 PM

Location To be announced
A seminar
Somewhere nice & beautiful,
United States


Deep Work: The Infinite Play of the Soul

It is never possible to say precisely what will unfold in a deep work gathering, because each participant consciously or subconsciously brings the issue(s) they want clarity about, and because the potential for initiation to your next level of conscious integration cannot be orchestrated in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Sometimes we are looking at self-development and advanced ego-expression and creativity skills which are essential to professional success. Sometimes we are dealing with healing childhood patterns of self-protection as well as depth psychology and integrating the shadow, all of which is necessary for healthy and fulfilling relationships. But overall this work is about consciousness, about using all the elements: body, breath, heart empathy, dreams, meditation, and wordless prayer to reach toward realization of your essential being and the freedom which comes from abiding in that chalice.

  • Dates: This seminar has been postponed till Spring 2021
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