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Lone Pine

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Name event
Soul and Space – Lone Pine, CA

Wednesday 15 June - Sunday 19 June
Starts at : 4:00 PM

Location The Great Space
Lone Pine
Lone Pine, CA
United States


Soul and Space – Lone Pine, CA

In the 1980s I lived with a small community in Lone Pine, California. Nearby, an enlightened American philosopher, Franklin Merrill-Wolff, quietly lived out the final years of his remarkable life. He and I were very close and when he died in 1985, at the age of 98, I was there at his request softly repeating the First Bardo from the Tibetan Book of the Dead into his ear. It is the only time I directly experienced the movement in the hours after death of the enlightened energy freed from the body and becoming a profound radiance of wordless prayer and unifying light.

Our gathering will take place at his home and ranch, called “The Great Space.” It is situated at the base of Mt. Whitney, off the grid and with vast, expansive views. The land has a silence that immediately opens gateways into the depths of the soul and the emanation of Dr Wolff’s state of realization is still palpable and contributes to whatever level of work you are ready or needing to do.

It is never possible to say precisely what will unfold in a deep work gathering, because each participant consciously or subconsciously brings the issue(s) they want clarity about, and because the potential for initiation to your next level of conscious integration cannot be orchestrated in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Sometimes we are looking at self-development and moving into advanced ego-expression and creativity skills, qualities essential for professional success. Sometimes we are solidifying the foundation for fulfilling relationships by uncovering childhood patterns of self-protection as well as delving into depth psychology and shadow integration. But overall this work is about consciousness, about using all the elements: body, breath, heartfelt empathy, dreams, meditation, and wordless prayer to reach toward realization of the Great Space, which can also be called ‘essential mind.’ In this remarkable setting we will truly be living an adventure of soul and space.

(Bring walking shoes, a good sun hat, and a flashlight or headlamp. Also, and this is not mandatory, consider bringing a light sleeping bag and pad should you desire to sleep outdoors under one of the most magnificent views of the Milky Way you will ever see. Nights are cool and days are hot and dry.)

NOTE: Attendance at this workshop and one other workshop will qualify participants to apply for the next Mentor Program scheduled to begin in July 2016.

DATE AND TIME: June 15 — 19, 2016. Limited to 20 participants.
First session begins at 9am  Thursday, June 16. (Breakfast provided at 8am.)
Final session ends at 11:00am Sunday, June 19. (Bag lunch for travel.)

COST: $1,195.00, includes tuition, food and housing.
The deposit is non-refundable, $420 may be applied to a workshop or retreat within 1 year. ($100 is retained for administration costs).

ARRIVAL TIME: Please read carefully. You are welcome to arrive at the Great Space any time between 4pm – 7pm on June 15 and settle in your room. There is no dinner provided the evening of June 15 and no planned activity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you cannot arrive at the ranch before 7pm, you will need to book your own accommodation in Lone Pine. This is necessary because there will be no-one at the ranch after 7pm to greet you on the 15 June.

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This event is fully booked.