Resilience in Unprecedented Times

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Resilience in Unprecedented Times

Tuesday 1 December - Tuesday 16 February
Starts at : 8:00 PM

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Resilience in Unprecedented Times

Richard Moss and Katherine Fellows-Moss

Thanks to a very generous grant from Three Mountain Foundation, a U.S. based not-for-profit educational organization, we are able to offer freely these webinars.

These are unprecedented times. We are all in the midst of a world pandemic. A storm of environmental and climatic disruption and socially destabilizing technologies is already upon us and growing rapidly in strength. Little of this do any of us individually have the power to change, yet we need never be victims. It does not serve you to collapse into helplessness and fear. Blaming yourself or anyone else is wasted energy. Sinking into depressiveness means you are not using your energy generatively. Resiliency comes from within, but it is deepened and grounded by the behaviors we passionately live.

Our goal is to provide to as many people as possible essential teachings and effective practices to do the inner work in order to live resilient, creative, heartful lives. We will teach you, through short discourses and deep guided meditations how to face into and heal your inner wounds and release yourself from learned patterns of dysfunctional thinking and behavior. With each webinar you will actually feel and begin to understand how to rest into the inner radiance that comes from the current of Love that is the deepest ground within you. But it is not just inner work that we must do, there are outer actions. From this deeper heart connection we will ask and answer the question: What is ours to Do?

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    Tuesday 01 & 15 Dec.
    Tuesday 05 & 19 Jan. 2021
    Tuesday 02 & 16 Feb. 2021

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    12pm Mountain Time
    2pm New York, 8pm Paris

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This course is freely given to you.
Three Mountain Foundation is the generous sponsor.


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The course is freely given to you.
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