Foundational Practices for Healing and Awakening – USA @ 6pm US Mountain Time

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Foundational Practices for Healing and Awakening – USA @ 6pm US Mountain Time

Tuesday 30 March - Tuesday 4 May
Starts at : 6:00 PM

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United States


foundational practices for healing


Join Richard and Kathy for their first ever online Deepening Program, a series of six 2-hour webinars with a limited number of participants.  Each webinar will be an opportunity to be mentored by Richard and Kathy in a path of self-healing and opening to the deeper energies of Life Essence and Consciousness.  Our lives do give us everything we need to awaken and evolve.  We need understanding and the ability to apply the right tools.

This series will support you in developing the inner muscle of attention required for your deepest healing and transformation including:

  • Rediscovering your roots in Heart Centered Consciousness and learning practices to anchor deeply in this field.
  • Learning how to recognize and release limiting beliefs.
  • Understanding the language of the body and how to work directly with the energetic imprints held in your body from patterns of childhood wounding or other adverse experiences.
  • Empowering the Love, Compassion and Connection with all of life that is your basic nature and embody the YOU which society and this planet so dearly needs.

Whatever the challenges of daily life, your capacity to be mindful of thoughts that arouse anxious emotions, presence in your body and hold challenging feelings with generative attention, these essential skills will lead to your deepest healing and wellbeing.   As you master these practices you become able to live and transmit psychological and relational intelligence that aligns you and others with humanity’s ultimate purpose: Learning to love and be loved.

Just as in our retreat work, we know that processing directly with individuals enhances the understanding of everyone present.  Therefore, each of these 2-hour Deepening webinars will consist of guided meditations and essential teachings, but also a significant part of each webinar will be to demonstrate the teaching through voluntary one-on-one personal guidance. For this reason, we are limiting the number of participants to 35.  Enrollment will be on a first sign-up basis.


6 consecutive Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm US Mountain Time beginning Tuesday, March 30th through May 4th.  There will also be suggested “homework” assignments and recommended reading.


$360 US for the full series

$300 US if you register by March 28

Privacy:  All participants will be asked at registration to agree not to share the recordings with non-participants or on any media platform to honor the privacy of those people who process in any given session.

Note:  Audio recordings of the sessions will be available for any registered participant who misses a session.

Registered participants will receive a zoom link for this event a few days prior to the beginning of the webinar.







Bookings are closed for this event.