Deep Work Gathering – Awakening the Heart-Mind

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Deep Work Gathering – Awakening the Heart-Mind

Thursday 30 September - Sunday 3 October
Starts at : 5:00 PM

Location Moon Lake
Moon Lake
Danbury, NC
United States



Deep Work Gathering at Moon Lake

Awakening the Heart-Mind

September 30 – October 3, 2021

Have you ever looked out over a calm ocean and suddenly noticed a school of small fish leaping into the air and scattering every which way? Then a moment later doing this again? They are being chased by a predator and fleeing for their lives. This image explains a lot about why we are so often plagued by negative and hurtful thoughts; a threatening feeling just below the surface of our consciousness is chasing us into our minds and into scattered, ungrounded thinking. This, in turn, continues to generate unsafe feelings and continued neurotic thinking. It is a negative loop that can only briefly be interrupted by positive thinking. What you need to learn is how to journey into these lurking feelings and liberate the disguised love that is actually the substance of your blockages and dark feelings. Until you develop this essential skill, your mind will continue being triggered into fear, distrust, and reactivity.

In this in-depth experiential gathering Richard and Kathy will introduce the practices that they have developed to journey into residual childhood wounds and more current suffering so that you touch your true spaciousness and begin to let your heart intelligence bring your mind into clarity and calmness. Their presence and how they amplify the group energy field through discussion, movement, and guided meditation, becomes a powerful accelerator for your own understanding and learning.

Join Richard and Kathy at their new home on the grounds of the sublime Moon Lake estate in North Carolina.

Location: Sandy Ridge, North Carolina
Arrival: Thursday, September 30th, 5:00pm EST
Departure: Sunday, October 3rd, 12 noon
Tuition: $495
Room & Board: $500 (private or shared rooms/gourmet vegetarian meals)


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Deep Work Gathering
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Deep Work Gathering
Deep Work Gathering
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