Deep Work at Moon Lake: Exploration for Evolutionary Growth

Deep Work at Moon Lake: Exploration for Evolutionary Growth

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Deep Work at Moon Lake: Exploration for Evolutionary Growth

Thursday 29 September - Sunday 2 October
Starts at : 6:00 PM

Location Moonlake
Moon Lake
Danbury, NC
United States


Deep Work at Moon Lake: Exploration for Evolutionary Growth

All of us are challenged in many ways to change. For our survival our social and economic organizations must transform. The change called for now, whether within ourselves, in our homes with our spouses and families, or in our careers is much more than reformation, which would only be a band aid fix. What is needed now is an evolutionary vision within these different yet overlapping domains of our lives.

As “Deep Work” implies, this will be a no-holds-barred heart-first dive into learning to create your own evolutionary narrative, your personal road map for movement spiritually and in daily affairs toward what really serves you and all of life.

This four-day retreat, set in a lovely rural setting on a private lake, is designed for individuals who are willing to lay down their defenses and journey deeply into themselves with courage and vulnerability. It is an opportunity to experience Richard as a guide and teacher, to learn new insights and tools for your life path, and to move forward with whatever essential changes you want or need to make. If you have already worked with him, it is a new chance to immerse in the rich energetic and stimulating environment he creates.

Space is limited for this workshop so be sure to register early to secure your place.

Scholarships are available for this workshop.

COST: All inclusive (tuition, food, and lodging): $895

DATE: Thursday September 29 to Sunday October 2, 2016

LOCATION: Moon Lake, Stokes County, NC. Visit the Moon Lake website.

INQUIRIES: email Brian Martin:


This event is fully booked.