Couples Relational Mentoring — The Evolutionary Potential of Your Relationship

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Couples Relational Mentoring — The Evolutionary Potential of Your Relationship

Thursday 28 October - Sunday 31 October
Starts at : 5:00 PM

Location Moon Lake
Moon Lake
Danbury, NC
United States



Richard Moss and kathy Fellows Moss

Couples Relational Mentoring

The Evolutionary Potential of  Your Relationship

October 28 – 31, 2021


Most relationships, even when a deep commitment has been made, are unconsciously conditional — “I will love you if you love me. I’ll do this for you, but I expect you to do something equivalent for me.” Then when your partner doesn’t reciprocate your attention and offerings in the way you want, you feel hurt and unvalued. The transactional nature of this kind of relating gradually weakens the heartful presence that is the real aliveness between two people. Without the daily rekindling of that presence, couples can settle into a workable companionship, but often lose the vitality of their erotic lives. This closing down and lost aliveness is a kind of soft tragedy in so many relationships.  The ability to re-kindle or deepen into a love that can include limitless intimacy can seem an impossible dream.

But it isn’t.

There is another path and that is what we are inviting you to discover. We are extending an invitation to couples who despite whatever tensions you have learned to live with, do have a sense or at least a yearning, that something much more is possible. That if you could, you would want to bring new life and depth into your couple. Without elaborating the philosophy of relationship that underlies our work, what we can promise you is that you will learn that you have a profound ally for the journey to deep love and limitless intimacy. It is your relationship itself. To awaken this living aspect of your relationship we will teach you a new kind of communication, a way of listening with your heart and speaking from your heart. For those who are willing we will show you how to begin the return to vulnerable intimacy. But first, you will learn to hear each other with your whole body and gradually begin to recognize that each time you make even a little progress on this way, there is a soft presence – the living energy of your relationship – that gently, but quite tangibly is calling each of you to keep risking meeting anew in undefended openness. Literally, you will begin to fall in love over and over again.

This work will touch on some of the traditional aspects of couples counseling that involves psychological understandings. And it will go much deeper than that, into the spiritual heart of loving Love with another and into the living presence that comes from learning to meet each other in vulnerable openness. We will show you that the essential question is not what each of you personally want, though that is valid and important, but rather – and far more important – what does your relationship want? Yes, your relationship, every relationship, wants to serve a higher potential. Like hydrogen and oxygen that are each distinct, when they unite they become something so much more, water, the elixir of life. Your relationship too is so much more than either of you individually, and when you learn to live in shared relational consciousness you will have discovered the elixir of ever-renewing love.

This retreat is open to a maximum of 7 couples and will be held at our beautiful new home on the sublime Moon Lake estate in North Carolina. If you have questions about potential participation, you can write to us at:, subject line: Couple Retreat Questions.  In addition and if desired, we are offering 15 min. zoom sessions to address additional questions.

Couples Relational Mentoring

Location: Sandy Ridge, North Carolina

Arrival: Thursday, October 28th, 5:00pm EST

Departure: Sunday, October 31st, 12 noon

Tuition: $1,000/couple

Room and Board:  $1,400/couple

Each couple has a private room.  Meals are gourmet vegetarian and we eat lunch and dinner together.


Couples who are intrigued by this invitation but feel that they would prefer to work in private retreat with us can write to:  Subject line to read: Couples Private Retreat.


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Couples Relational Mentoring
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Couples Relational Mentoring
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Couples Relational Mentoring
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