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Richard Moss


Richard Moss Live – 2023 Date be Announced

What are the essential insights, steps, practices, life choices and actions that lead to a life heartful and filled with joy? How do you answer the call of the awakened mind and heart within you and in service to Life?

In this 7-week webinar, I will be your host and guide inviting you home to a renewing recognition of what is already potential and awakening in you. It will be stimulating, experiential, with room for discussion and sharing. Each week’s focus of discussion and guided meditation or imaginal journey will progressively enlighten your understanding and enrich your practice. We will see how science is now confirming the intelligence and timeless wisdom of spirituality. Grasp the ignorance at the heart of the growing shadow of mentality divorced from heart and nature that is generating so much divisiveness, distrust, and dysfunction worldwide. And explore the profound ways in which you are the creator of the path that creates you and can liberate you into peace, love, and joy.

Each session is 2 hours. Each will begin with a dedication/consecration. There will be a break to shift the energy. In each session, I will speak/transmit and guide a meditation process that will progressively go deeper each session. I very much look forward to being with you. (Kathy will be with us in spirit and in our 3rd that lives in me, but unfortunately not in attendance in these webinars.) I smile into the depths of my being when I think about sharing with you. It will be a high play.

Session 1 – The Overview

What does it really mean to be awake or to live a spiritual path? Why is balanced and incarnated spirituality a lifetime creation with no arrival? What are the necessary components of the journey depending on your stage of readiness? We will overview the essentials including basic ego (psychological/therapeutic) work, mindfulness/stilling practices, various depth psychological/transpersonal disciplines, meditation, prayer, the dream and imaginal worlds, and 3rd Consciousness.

Session 2 –The aware-self process – Becoming your own teacher

The aware-self process is building a muscle of relationship to yourself. It is how you develop inner distance from the prison of thought driven emotions. How you face, hold, heal, and transform old wounds and traumas as well as difficult feelings. It is the foundation of becoming your own teacher.

Session 3 – Recognizing and Stopping Mental-Emotional Looping

Richard developed the model of the Mandala of Being to help anyone free themselves from the endless mental-emotional (m-e) looping that exiles us in fear, anger, and depression. The essential insights and practices of his Mandala methodology will be explored in discussion and guided visualization bringing you back to your true ground which is the present moment.

Session 4 – The Imaginal World

Spirituality is a felt and real dimension but moving within it to where you contact the ground of your soul and connection to all people and to all of life is an imaginal consciousness. It has aspects of imagination, fantasy, and visualization, but it is far more. It is a world you create that feels you and feeds you as you feel and feed it. It is at the heart of mysticism and all the wisdom traditions. It informs all the great artists, poets, playwrights, and novelists that have been prophets throughout time. It is where God (by whatever name or word you use) comes alive.

Session 5 – Body and Feeling Intelligence

What does it take to become as literate in your body with your sensations and feelings (once the head-made emotions are set aside) as you are in reading these words? This form of literacy is so neglected and so profound to engage. It rests in bringing your aware self and imaginal consciousness into the immediacy of your body and then journeying with whatever is there.

Session 6 – Heart Intelligence and the Imaginal World

The heart is much more than a body organ. Once it is engaged in the imaginal world it becomes the very seat of the intelligence that helps us hold and integrate seemingly unresolvable conflicting energies and dichotomies.

Session 7 – Third Consciousness

All the work leads to one fundamental practice: Our ability to meet each other from the ground of our true self so that me and you are always at least 3 and sometimes infinite. It becomes the blessing in which we can be penetrated by each other in our maleness and femaleness, in all our true differences, and in that convergence be loved by Love through each other.

The Zoom sessions are limited to 30 people, this allows the opportunity for personal interaction.
Audio recordings will be made available in case you miss a session. More instructions upon registration.

2023 Dates to be announced