Wishes for a renewing and ever-fulfilling New Year

Wishes for a renewing and ever-fulfilling New Year

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Dear Friends,

In the coming programs in 2020 and for every year beyond, Kathy and I invite you to share how the work, which many of you have associated primarily with me, Richard, is now evolving to a work of We, the journey of shared awakening through the vision of 3rd Consciousness. It is a work that you can become a part of.

We know speaking of 3rd consciousness is a new metaphor and that it takes times for a metaphor to become a living and felt thing. We have both taught for years, each in our different ways, about the awakening process as a progression and shift from our ego-based consciousness to our Aware Self consciousness.  The consciousness you bring to your relationship with yourself is what supports your shift to your Aware Self. This Aware Self is anchored in a universal field of limitless potential, the very fabric of which is Pure Consciousness and Unconditional Love. This field is the home of 3rd consciousness.

For us, all relationships are living things. The relationship we have with ourselves, with others, with Nature, and with this planet, all have an aliveness. In the mathematics of 3rd consciousness 1 + 1 is at least 3.  Yes, there is a transaction between me and you that we each bare responsibility for that seems to define cooperation or conflict between separate people or groups. But well beyond this level of individualistic consciousness and responsibility there is a 3rd that is more than me and you. There is you and me and the 3rd that is our relational creation that forms in each moment in accordance with the aware presence we each bring to it. As each of us begins to listen with our hearts to the relational 3rd that is born and reborn in every relationship, this new attention can bring infinite new insight. 1+ 1 can literally begin to be infinite. We believe that living from 3rd consciousness is an emerging evolutionary potential for humanity essential to experiencing truly meaningful lives filled with wonderment and joy. It is also the key to reconciling ourselves with Nature so that we can become consciously obedient to Her and know the Love that has forever been sustaining us.

Kathy and I want to share this vision and evolution of our work with you and we ask you to reflect on what this can mean for your relationships in every domain of your lives. We wonder where this new focus of the teaching can go, what each of you can then bring to every relationship in your lives. While this work can be wonderful for couples it is far more than that. There is no such thing as a single person, so if that is an identity that you hold onto, LET IT GO. We are all always in relationship(s). What we know for sure is that each of us in every relationship, from the most intimate to the most ordinary, is always a student of the 3rd.

Sending you wishes for a renewing and ever-fulfilling New Year,

Richard and Kathy

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