Deep Work Retreat « Choose Only Love »

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Deep Work Retreat « Choose Only Love »

jeudi 28 juin - dimanche 1 juillet
Commence à : 17:00
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Lieu King's House
621 First Ave. South
55313, Buffalo


Dates: Starting with dinner at 5pm on Thursday, June 28 and ending after lunch on Sunday, July 1.
Price : $895
Venue:  King’s House,

« Choose Only Love »

In the present moment, in our bodies and hearts, we all understand love. It is that which we desire most: to feel, to give, and to receive. And though few really experience this, love wants us just as much as we want it.

In this gathering we will explore love as a path and a Pole Star — an essential reference by which to navigate every moment of life. We will see how new discoveries in neuroscience help to explain our mental and behavioral confusion about love and how these same discoveries confirm the wisdom and practical value of the long tradition of spiritual practices that open our minds and hearts to love. »


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Deposit $395.00
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