2 Day Workshop in Copenhagen

2 Day Workshop in Copenhagen

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samedi 26 août - dimanche 27 août
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Lieu Phendeling Center for Tibetan Buddhism

Getting Out of the Way of Love

Opening the Heart to Intimate Presence
with Dr. Richard Moss


Perhaps one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves, especially at this time of so much conflict and fear is “Why are we so good at sabotaging love when it is what we all so deeply want?

Life is precious. Every day is a precious gift.” How can we accept that we are not giving each  relationship, starting with ourselves, the very best of who we are to make love flourish? How can we do this when we know it is what our world so deeply needs?”

The timeless invitation to surrender to love touches every relationship we live in our daily lives independent of being single, a couple, living as family, community, in love relationship or friendship. The breakdown of traditional relational forms invites us all to become disciples of truth within deep aliveness and alert, intimate presence.

It is time we stop killing love, time to move beyond our many forms of defensive self-involvement. Our consecration to Love itself becomes the organizing principle which allows our hearts to open into a life truly worth living. Instead of wanting Love its time to Be Love.

In this gathering we will engage these questions, with our minds, our hearts, our bodies, and our subtle energy. We will practice crucial communication tools that foster presence and connectedness. We will gently uncover the primordial fear we all face when we open ourselves to intimate presence and explore how to support each other to meet it.

And we will create a space to relax and let go of the many demands on ourselves, so that our intuitive wisdom and joy can nourish our hearts and souls.

Richard´s special gift is his presence, trust and encouragement to live with an undefended heart. Along with his straightforwardness and gentle guidance towards essence, he invites the potential for true Intimacy in each of us.



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