Generative Leadership

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Friday 13 November - Sunday 15 November
Starts at : 10:00
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Location Institut Equilibrio

Generative Leadership – Nice, France

Giorgia Sanfiori
Executive Coach & HR Consultant
10, Avenue Stephen Liegeard
06400 Cannes, France

Mobile:  +33.(0) + 33.(0)


For more information about the workshop:

Presence is the difference that makes the difference in all aspects of leadership, coaching, and therapy. When a coach or leader operates from embodied presence, their communications are much more effective.

First, they naturally gain the trust of the subconscious mind of their clients/employees and thereby achieve far greater ability to positively influence all subsequent collaboration.

Secondly, the information or knowledge that is communicated reaches beyond cognitive understanding and becomes a felt-sense of clarity and purpose in the recipient. Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Third, a sense of rapport is formed that becomes the basis for an exchange of ideas that can uninhibitedly flow both ways, i.e., from the leader/coach to the client/employee and also back to the leader. In this way, a circle is created that enhances collective intelligence within the group or organization.

This training is a thorough introduction to the model and process Dr. Richard Moss has developed which he calls The Mandala of Being™. This model teaches how…Read More